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Tall lipemia of scientific food VS
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Cardiovascular it may be said is the river of the life of human body. However, rise ceaselessly as the standard of living of people, dietary structure changes ceaselessly, ” also is in the “ riverbed of people blood fat to lift ceaselessly, bury played many healthy hidden trouble. Investigation shows, the sicken rate of fat of our country tall blood is 18.6% , sicken number was achieved 160 million. And all sorts of heart head blood-vessel that cause from this are ill, already also became the main chief culprit of life of the old people in menace. Here, offer the nutrient the way to deal with a situation of a few tall lipemia for the patient, make a patient progressively in daily diet look for long-unseen health. How to just calculate fat of “ tall blood”Heighten of total cholesterol of clinical admiral serum calls high cholesterol hematic disease. Level of serum total cholesterol is divided roughly for the following 3 grade ———Likely range: < 5.20mmol/L(200mg/dl) brim is elevatory: 5.23-5.69mmol/L(201-219mg/dl) exorbitant value: > 5.72mmol/L(220mg/dl) heighten of level of serum total cholesterol is the independent and critical factor that causes coronary heart disease. Serum total cholesterol is higher, the risk that produces sclerosis of arterial congee appearance is bigger, time is earlier also. Every reduce serum total cholesterol 1% , the dangerous sex that produces coronary heart disease can decrease 2% . Think commonly at present, serum total cholesterol maintains in 2.1-5.2mmol/L(90-200mg/dl) the likelihood inside limits is relatively appropriate. Sclerosis of appearance of arterial to already having congee or coronary heart disease person, should fall cholesterol to 180mg/dl the following. (according to " medicaments and person " ) 5 points should choose nutrient the way to deal with a situation 1: Control weight, with achieve and maintaining ideal weight advisable and ideal weight can use “ weight index (BMI) ” evaluation, divide the square with height with real weight namely (note: The unit of weight is “ kilogram ” , the unit of height is “ rice ” ) . If BMI uprights between 18.5-23.9 reasonable, be like achieve or exceed 24, should reduce weight to come through food and motion reasonable range, notice to maintain. Dietary proposal: Replace simple saccharide with compound saccharide, use amylaceous, level namely flour, corn, millet, oaten wait for the food with plant more fiber to replace dextrose, fructose and cane sugar to wait. In the meantime, cooperate proper motion according to his body state, wait for motion having oxygen to be first selection with going quickly commonly. Weekly 3-5 second, every time 30-60 minute, hold to for a long time. Point 2: Restrict food cholesterol, everyday total intake is little include at the origin of 200 milligram cholesterol inside source sex (liver is generated) sex of the source outside mixing (food intake) two ways. Among them, former for main avenue, hold the share of 70% about. But cannot ignore alimental effect accordingly, especially to high cholesterol hematic disease patient, restricting food cholesterol gross is important. Dietary proposal: The egg is tertian, or daily two eggs are clear. Do not eat high cholesterol food, include head of piscine seed, the ovary and digestive glands of the crab, fat, shrimp, squid, pluck to wait. In the meantime, eat more some have fall the food of cholesterol action, if soja reachs its goods, onion, garlic, Xianggu mushroom, agaric,wait. In these food, some still is had at the same time fight cruor action, also have profit to preventing thrombosis and coronary heart disease. Point 3: Limitation is prandial and adipose everyday prandial and adipose do not exceed 50 grams. Among them, prandial medium tallow fat does not exceed 25 grams, cooking oil does not exceed 25 grams. Want to avoid to come from the fatty acid returning form of man-made food at the same time, use cake of margarine, butter, cake less kind the food such as spouse of food, chocolate group, coffee. Dietary proposal: Ban with oil of of all kinds animal, include oil of lardy, ox, sheep oil to wait. Ban wait with fat, pluck, margarine. Daily but edible plant is oily (oil of soya-bean oil, corn, rape oil) 20-25 gram. Can eat olive oil, but it is advisable that gross is overcome with exceeding 30. Olive oil can use as dish of cold and dressed with sause, also can heat up fry, but oil is lukewarm unfavorable more than 190 Celsius. Cook means with boiled in clear soup, steam etc give priority to. Ban with deepfry, panbroil etc. Point 4: Right amount absorb protein to should choose to contain a lot ofhigh grade protein, but the food with animal fat and not high at the same time cholesterol, if product of legume goods, sea all is good choice. Dietary proposal: Daily lean lean 2 2, legume goods 1-2 2. All sorts of flesh kind in, it is first selection with cruelly oppress, recommend weekly 2-3 having a fish second, every time 2-3 2; It is the chicken of flay and duck flesh next; Wait for thin pork, hotpot and beef again. Point 5: Eat the vegetable fruity with fresh vegetable fresh fruit to fall more fat action has been taken seriously. To the tall lipemia patient with diabetic blame, eating fresh vegetable fruit in great quantities is worth to advocate. Dietary proposal: Daily eat vegetable 1-1.5 jin, fresh fruit 2-3. The food of tall lipemia chooses appropriate food: Contain a lot offood of high grade albumen, low adipose, low cholesterol, include oaten, corn, buckwheat, soja, earthnut, onion, ginger, garlic, sweet potato, aubergine, carrot, celery, leek, stay of proceedings kind wait with the edible bacterium, alga, hawkthorn, tea, olive oil, tea-seed oil, milk powder that do not have fat, fish, bean products. Ban with / use food less: Of all kinds and high-energy quantity, high cholesterol and tall adipose food, include fat, pluck, yoke, preserved egg, testacean (wait like mussel, spiral shell) with software kind (wait like squid, cuttlefish, roe) , food of thick broth, deepfry, souse food, ham, butter kind food, margarine.

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