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Healthy diet 40 you were accomplished
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Beard of 1. repast pose is correct:  of  fade money revive   ? is accomplished do not press a stomach, make food enters a stomach more quickly by esophagus inside. 2. Time interval wants appropriate: Word Lin sauce calls  pursues hour of?-6 of tiny stream Zi is advisable. 3. Do not take food when be hungry as far as possible: ? of She of  of balance of pen of Gong ⒍ Mou eats easily more at a draught, bring about thereby fat. 4. Do not eat too much: The contented meeting on mood of settleclear? of neon of  of ship of Man lame charm makes you faster ground generation is full bilge feeling, avoid to eat excessive thereby. 5. To nibble slow pharynx: The  that add cable inspects? 6 of  of  of know well of elder brother  . Board hind not uses a brain: Ministry of stomach of  clear? digests need to center blood. Hear light music, have a break most appropriate. If eat to use a brain, blood flows to the head, gastric bowel blood is little, easy influence is digested. 7. Dinner is unfavorable excessive: Yu Tuo Τ breaks suddenly ┘ Ji to quarrel settleclear? of neon of violet   should control excessive strictly. Weight of this pair of control and reduce weight very be necessary. 8. Do not talk when repast with have a meal the thing that have nothing to do: Xian sends ㄐ of encouraging pine of Gu of Zou clump leap up to say Nai serve? to be able to affect the person's appetite. 9. Notice nutrition balances: ? of gadolinium of  of  of Xiu of ⒁ of ψ of Tuo of locust bastinado  avoids to weigh appearance. 10. Assure to eat good breakfast: The blood sugar that conceives a courtyard to confuse limit of lowest of human body of? of figured woven silk material maintains inadequacy, learn and the person cannot work red-bloodedly. 11. Breakfast appropriate feeds into heat: Neon of  of Huan Xing of  of  of  of Huan Xing of benzene of ⒏ of  of copy of white delicacy close month climbing over a wall climbing over a wall climbing over a wall goes straight towards? of Li of to instruct of Gou of fluorene of Huan H benevolence line to promote changeover, and can stomachic. 12. The appropriate after the meal drinks bit of tea: ? 13 of orangutan of Sheng of  of つ of evil spirit value of  of Tao of shaddock elder brother. The appropriate after the meal moves appropriately: You of Gou of shelfing  business goes to  He? to decrease adipose gather, prevent get fat. 14. Unfavorable in the evening have cold drink:  of Hou of Fu Xian Song hold if, hesitating changes seal? in the evening 7 when have cold drink later, the meeting because moisture metabolization is slow and inside stockpile body, hypothermia, eliminate exhaustion not easily thereby. 15. Dinner wants somewhat abstemious: ? of Shi of Yu Tuo firewood the next day breakfast ability has appetite. 16. The thing does not have before sleeping:  I am far  ? intestines and stomach cannot rest adequately, easy bring about stomach trouble and influence Morpheus, but a cup of hot milk is being drunk before sleeping is possible. 17. The desert does not eat after having fat thing: Rushing water enmity  is tranquil couple of mu of  Jie Tiao accumulate adipose organization absorbs Lu? human body redundant dextrose. Amylaceous, can make human body fat. 18. The appropriate after the thing that has had fat dirt drinks coffee type tea: Х of besmear sheathing or bow case group? of  Х sew can stimulate autonomic nerve activity, promote adipose metabolization. 19. Taste of many somes of innovation: ? of balance of  of soft-shelled turtle of shelfing  Mo is helpful for a variety of nutrition of need of place of compensatory human body. The effect that bacterium sterilizes, its plant saponin can clean the ort after be being fed in the mouth. 20. Salt is unfavorable and overmuch: ? of  of confused Hong wooden tablets or slips for writing is easy cause high blood pressure. 21. Eat the vegetable with some of deep color more: 谺 of  of  of ⑽ of Chu of exemplarying bandit of  of  of dusk of car of  of a unit of length of pregnant of suck of Bu of neon of Wan of  of a unit of length 2, the nutriment such as magnesian, iron is richer. 22. Child cookbook do not answer like adult: ⒆ post says child the nutriment that? of  of τ   should notice to complement is helpful for growing the body particularly. 23. Cannot carry feed, partiality for a particular kind of food: ? 24 of Suan of yellow glue of  of  of A Chinese-style unlined garment of Yao of Chen of  of carbonyl field ⑵ . Cannot eat vegetable oil for a long time: Vent in the sides of a garment of ㄉ  lowing ⒂ child the health that care of stir-fry before stewing of Tuo Xing Zhun fears  of soul of capture ┪ nobelium considering the mustard acid in? rapeseed oil to go against patient of hypertensive, heart disease. Using oil correctly should be oil of a vegetable distribute 0.7 animals oil. 25. Do not be afraid of broken bits taking course: ? of Wei of θ of Hui of  of Pai of Jiao of miserly of  of the Song Dynasty excludes harmful material, prevent alvine cancer. Vegetable has broken bits, as long as not quite pliable but strong, should swallow. 26. Elegant music can hear when repast: ? of Yong of  climbing over a wall promotes Huan Xing of benzene of Zha of Gou of fluorene of banner of quilt of betray Nuo bursa to digest and be absorbed, but unfavorable hear the music with bouncing, queasy, too fast beat. 27. Often change dietary way:  of  of quarter Fei Yun mu  ? presses same way food, nutrition of as time passes is met unbalance, because this should notice diversification. 28. Unfavorable watch TV at the same time (or read a newspaper) take food at the same time:  blows Li right endowment hang  to show go straight towards? of  rainwatering in puddles to eat insensibly much. Also disperse at the same time energy, cannot savor the taste of savor food well. 29. Wide bosom wants when food: ? of shovel of ⒂ of excuse me of  of pigheaded  of Zong of ⑴  ⒔ is met abate digest absorb a function, also affect taste. 30. Feeding in all is better than feeding alone: Locust annulus Xian Suan of Ш of  of  of Zi  Liao 6 come on this variety says the? that divide brother's son eats every kinds to achieve nutrition easily to balance. 31. Calcium had better mix character vinegar absorbs together: ? of leap up of Guang of world of riverside of the fast that peck strong and pervasive fragrance is human body place to absorb easily. Have fish, character kind food had better be cooked with vinegar. 32. Must eat fiber food everyday: Eulogy directly Hong × large with a chirp sighs the contest that be troubled by  steals saddle word? and coliform organisms action, can become harmful putrefaction. Fiber can surround them character and excrete. 33. Bit of thing has before drinking: Swell buy catch? liver the burden is very great. Vitamin B a group of things with common features reach amino acerbity inadequacy, hepatic and easy gather adipose. Bit of thing eats to drink some of water before drinking, still can avoid drunk alcoholic drink. 34. Body empty person can eat the meat more: Word of saddle of Ling Yu lament knows? to be able to enhance a constitution.

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