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Often eat sweet corn is healthy hairdressing
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Before, everybody thinks, eat unboiled water fruit or vegetable meeting compares those who had machined to have nutrition more. However, recent research discovers, although cook makes sweet corn loss partial vitamin C, obtained what have nutrient value more however, taller antioxidant is active. Investigator falls in the temperature of 115 Celsius, will sweet corn heats 10 minutes respectively, 25 minutes mix 50 minutes, test discovery, counteractive oxygen is free base active and ordinal heighten 22% , 44% with 53% . Oxygen is free base can cause airframe oxidation operation, increase the risk that has cancer, heart disease and the disease that cause because of consenescence to be like cataract and senile domentia. So, those who contain active of Gao Kang oxidation is sweet food of corn since health also is hairdressing food. Besides, what cooking passes is sweet corn still can release a kind of phenolic apperception to close matter----Asafoetida acid, also have curative effect to the disease such as cancer. The cellular wall of corn of general consist in mixes asafoetida acid not in dissolve sex fiber, not free exists, through cooking of constant high temperature after period of time, the content in corn can grow this kind of acid significantly.