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Be anaemic! What should eat in the life?
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Anaemic and common have nutritional anaemia of sex of anaemia of anaemia of sex of Ju Yougong cell, the aplastic anemia, sex that be short of iron, hemolysis, malign anaemia and exsanguine sex anaemia. Want to treat anaemia to make clear a type above all, give the treatment that has specific aim. Incidence of a disease is highest is anaemia of the sex that be short of iron, its are common the reason has: Of ① iron absorb inadequacy (iron is lacked in food; Partiality for a particular kind of food is used to)     ② absorbs an obstacle (wait after resection of gastric greater part) the need quantity of iron of     ③ increases (grow woman of budding children, adolescent, menses, gravid wait with lactation woman) the missing quantity of iron of     ④ increases (enteron goes out. The nutrition of anaemia of the sex that be short of iron treats     1. Check and treat former hair disease, dispel pathogeny. 2. Chalybeate of profess to convinced, common is vitriolic ferrous, when dining or take after eat. 3. Complement contains a lot ofthe food of iron. All sorts of flesh kind, birds egg kind, the liver of the animal, kidney; Kelp, laver, black sesame seed, sesame paste, black agaric, Xianggu mushroom, legume reachs its goods. The absorptivity of the iron in animal sex food (20% ) food of sex of plant of apparent prep above (1%-7% ) . 4. Milligram of compensatory vitamin C100, eat together with the meal. Because vitamin C can promote the absorption of iron,use. Eat the fresh vegetable that contains a lot ofvitamin C and fruit more. 5. Choose the food of aggrandizement iron, if add iron soy and milk. 6. Avoid strong tea and coffee. 7. With iron bowl cook. 8. Correct partiality for a particular kind of food and maigre wait for bad food habit. 9. Avoid drink strong tea.