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White-collar of a cup of plain boiled water does not forget morning and evening
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A tomato is in fruit and vegetable, tomato is a vitamin C content is highest kind, assure to have a tomato at least everyday so, can satisfy a day of needs vitamin C. A cup of yoghurt looks from filling calcium angle, the female is one of groups that are short of calcium the most easily. And the excel of filling calcium effect of milk a kind of any food, especially yoghurt, be absorbed more easily by human body. So, the woman should assure to drink a cup of yoghurt everyday. Dishful vinegar to the woman, besides food, still can put dishful vinegar on dresser. Be in every time after washing one's hands first apply a vinegar, after withholding 20 minutes again abluent, can make the skin of hand ministry soft white delicate. If the tap water water quality of your home is better, can be in everyday a bit vinegar is put a little in the water that wash a face, raise with rising colour action. The water with a cup of enough plain boiled water divides time is the safeguard of health and hairdressing. Especially female, the meeting that lack water makes their body premature and anile, make the skin loses luster because of “ shrink ” . But want than the man as a result of feminine metabolization slow, use up also want than the man little, the woman often drinks water to want than the man little, this can make the body and cutaneous problem appear at the same time. The woman wants to do, namely at least morning and evening drinks a cup of plain boiled water each. A cup of of in the morning OK and clean bowel, compensatory and nightly lost moisture, one cup of in the evening can make sure blood is unapt between one night too sticky because of lacking water stiff. Sticky stiff meeting accelerates blood the deposit of the anoxic, pigment of cerebrum, make consenescence comes ahead of schedule. Accordingly, the action that waters every night cannot be underestimated. Woman of a bag of tea must drink tea, if the stomach does not have illness, green tea and oolong are best. Especially the woman that those want to reduce weight, tea is the most natural, the most effective dose reducing weight, can eliminate bowel to more than tea without what again adipose.