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Nurturance is correct the good convention of jealous
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“ the five flavors is harmonic acetic in the van ” . Vinegar flavors in cooking of tradition of the Chinese nation medium application is very wide. The expert thinks, right amount the chroma that feeds vinegar to be able to add hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, stimulative digestive juice is secreted, adjust activity of human body physiology, have the effect of dispel ill health care, but jealous also should pay attention to science. Shanxi life and Yang Huaijun of scientific academy dean thought a few days ago, vinegar has very powerful antiseptic force, a variety of bacteria can be killed inside 30 minutes. But science reasonably edible vinegar ability is advantageous and healthy. Vinegar shoulds not be many and drinkable, suffer from gastric ulcer, hydrochloric acid in gastric juice to secrete overmuch patient especially, should avoid to feed vinegar more. Excessive feeds vinegar to be able to make the acidity in gastric environment is strengthened, cause loss to gastric mucous membrane. Vinegar also should be not fed when eating hotpot, can weaken both dietotherapy effect otherwise, can produce harmful to human body material. “ content does not have the United States evil, it is calamity ” too. Expert clew, some people regard vinegar as acetic “ elixir ” , it is wrong idea. Excessive jealous can destroy human body soda acid to balance likely.