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Conduce of ice cream of grandma eating delicacy becomes pregnant
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Hope the female that increases conception odds noticed! According to England " daily Post " reported on Feburary 28, one considers to discover, oviposit period eats cheese more or delicacy suckles ice cream, can increase conception odds. Researcher laugh says, this one result can explain probably, why more and more west females cannot be pregnant smoothly. “ thing always is hard make the best of both worlds, the female is choosing defatted food to carry a figure, and have undertake choosing between a lovely darling. ”This research investigated 18 thousand 24 England that come 42 years old healthy woman, they arrived 1991 between 1999 ever had tried to be pregnant. Study the result shows, relatively at having the woman of low fat milk products only, love drinks the complete fat milk, person that eat complete fat milk products, become pregnant more easily. Eat two above everyday the female of defatted milk products, its oviposit function can be reduced 85% , and the woman that has milk products of a complete fat everyday, its oviposit function can rise 27% . In addition, the female eats more delicacy to suckle ice cream, its are infecund odds is lower. Researcher points out, eat the person that above delicacy suckles ice cream twice every week, compared with the person that a week just eats or eat far from, infecund odds can be reduced 38% . Researcher explanation says, milk products can affect the hormone inside female body to secrete a level. The estrogen content of complete fat milk products is higher, can promote oviposit. And animal experiment proof, the serum albumen that adds in defatted milk products, can restrain oviposit. · of Qiao Gen of professor of communal and wholesome college checks university of American haing Buddha made of baked clay Luo Ren is, hope pregnant female reviews her dietary habit. Although “ drinks milk of a cup of complete fat everyday, the effect also is remarkable, and this won't increase how many quantity of heat. But after be pregnant, can consider to replace complete fat milk products defatted milk products, because need a consideration at this moment,limitative saturation is absorbed adiposely. ”Department of medicine of reproduction of British Birmingham university teachs Kelisi Balete points out · : The sense that “ studies this is great, its study a number, increased authentic sex. The hope still can have further research, will support this one thesis. ”