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The expert reminds an attention inchoate hidebound
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Nutrition affects the whole process of life, immediate decision lives the stand or fall of quality, inchoate hidebound will bury below in the future healthy hidden trouble. Before before long, the state-operated in the " that learning to be able to be sponsorred by China precaution cure raises the " on seminar of high level of as reasonable as the infant feed to go up, the children before Chinese disease precaution controlled central nutrition place to announce " China school age is prandial investigate with nutrient state " , its data shows, although from 1992 up to now, the growth of our country is 5 years old of the following children dead-band dropped 55% , but their hidebound state still nots allow to ignore. The result that monitors 15 years proves, be short of iron sex anaemia to the problem can not follow economy to develop and be improved, rate of anaemia of 5 years old of the following children has no apparent change 13 years, be in all the time 15%(city) with 20%(country) wander. Food of center of control of Chinese disease precaution and nutrition are monitored make clear, a few nutrition lack disease to still exist. Children is hidebound still compare in a rural area serious, 5 years old of the following children grow dead-band and low weight rate are respectively 17.3% with 9.3% , poor country is as high as 29.3% respectively kind baby of 14.4% a rural area complementary feed add unreasonable problem very outstanding. Hidebound instant consequence is the heighten that brings incidence of a disease and mortality, of body development and mental development logy, long-term consequence is create cognitive capacity be short of caustic, working ability and labor productivity are low, the dangerous heighten of chronic of grown future trouble. Long-term consequence is not reversible, irretrievable. What what I hope is in nutrient problem, according to be being calculated scientificly, on nutrition every throw 1 yuan, gotten get one's own back will be 6 yuan, earlier devoted beneficial result is bigger. Complementary feed the essential   that adding is nutrient improvement complementary feed add and mother milk feed is likewise important mother milk is infantile first-rate natural food, all have stimulative effect to the infant's constitution and intellectual growth. However, no matter be the infant of mother milk feed or other way feed, all answer after 6 months seasonable, correct, add reasonably complementary feed. Not seasonable or unreasonable add complementary feed can bring about an infant hidebound or nutrition is superfluous, produce the near future and long-dated effect to the health of children thereby. Advisory Chen Chunming points out center of control of Chinese disease precaution, complementary feed add include A of the microelement such as protein, iron, calcic, zinc, vitamin, riboflavin to wait. Chen Chunming thinks, to Chinese child, the most crucial is to drink milk more, eat egg and animal sex food more, what with complement they lack most is protein, best can assure everyday an egg. In addition, a variety of vitamins are contained in vegetable, also need from the child begin to eat when 6 months are big, vegetable of dish end, small leaf is right choice. Nevertheless, chen Chunming reminds say, add to the child complementary the complement that feeding what should notice most is iron element. In prandial structure of the Chinese, the absorptivity of iron element is low, because this had better choose iron aggrandizement food, or buy some of nutrition replenishers technically. Complementary feed quality to concern height   Chen Chunming's researcher to point out, height is one of main index that measure child nutrition situation. The development of height basically depends on complementary the mass that feed, add correctly so complementary feed the issue that should become parents to take seriously. Our nutrient state had had very big improvement in light of the result that investigates from nutrition, but 5 years old of when still have 14% the following children height cannot requirement of up to mark. The inches of inchoate children is scant, especially 5 years old are 3 years old of the following children height inadequacy even, after be brought up although can be made up for, but often cannot make up for completely. Look from an investigation, country and urban children height are poor all the time 4 go to 5 centimeters, 2.5 centimeters still are differred when 20 years old, the specification arrived 4 centimeters poor 20 years old to had been not caught up with. If grow with height for, it is other without difference that after be in 5 years old, the height of children grows city, country. Chen Chunming thinks, the importance of height is more than weight far. Because as a result of,the inadequacy of height is long-term and chronic hidebound those who cause. If inches is scant, intelligent development and study latent capacity will suffer an effect. The child intelligence development of body discretion is inferior to normal child. The inches when additionally 3 years old is scant, the figure is short after causing year after year easily decrease with thin organization. Additional, if inches is scant, labor capacity is insufficient after manhood, reduce productivity thereby. The children with scant inches, fat sex danger is increased after manhood, relevant chronic increases, and the Yo with short figure age the woman causes next generation children to be born weight inadequacy is relatively outstanding also. Let nutrition include center of control of precaution of disease of community   China ever was in 5 impoverished counties chose Gansu Province 1500 6-12 the child with big month was made complementary feed add a trial. The anemic rate of these children is on average 34% , eat aggrandizement nutrition to wrap continuously to them (the) of 5 kinds of nutriment such as iron of soja pink + , zinc, calcium, after 6 months, the anemic rate of children is reduced 18.5% ; After 12 months, reduce 7.6% . Carry out a proof, be in our country, research and development is wrapped for fundamental nutrition with food (complementary eat feed complement food) lacking a state to improving infant nutrition is one feasible method, professor Chen appeals enterprise and government cooperate, the cheap of development nutrition, price, infant that can reach assists food. "To China, should will complementary feed feed to rate as coequal as mother milk feed place, must with all community all and inchoate children is crowd of prevention and cure, in commencement of 6 months after be born, is not when appear hidebound begin " Chen Chunming to emphasize saying again and again with anaemic ability.

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