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Hypertensive patient takes food have what appropriate fear
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Hypertensive patient answers at ordinary times with delicate and maigre give priority to. Appropriate often eats the food with fast content of plant sex protein, wait like all sorts of legume and bean products, spinach, aubergine, gluten, shepherd's purse, sesame seed, agaric, laver; Often should eat have fall blood pressure and fall the food of hematic fat action, wait like celery, Chinese cabbage, turnip, carrot, jellyfish, kelp, onion, garlic, hawkthorn, water chest nut, banana; Small meat or fish kind food also can eat a bit a few, wait like fish of shredded meat, cutlet, chop, beef, black carp, mandarin fish, snakeheaded fish, in order to maintain certain nutrition; Smooth what is appropriate to the occasion cooks food with vegetable oil. This ill patient is unfavorable edible animal fat kind reach the food with cholesterol exorbitant content and sweet taste food, reach candied food to wait like reins of head of fat, pork liver, pig, pig, yoke, cod-liver oil, roe, crab, candy; Acrimony sex food, if peppery, face is day any of several hot spice plants, hot oily, thick chili sauce also should eat less or do not eat; Salt should be used less, burn dish to slant with low salt weak for appropriate, had better not exceed 5 grams with saline quantity everyday, should eat less more to food of saline be soiled or do not eat; Diet produces gas food easily, if do beans, potato kind, wait tomato patch; In daily life, still answer the excited food such as avoid smoke, wine, strong tea, coffee, cocoa. Fat model the patient is divided outside eating high adipose, high cholesterol and sweet taste food, still answer appropriate and abstemious appetite, can eat some of vegetable more, the appropriate since morning waters. Latter, experts discover again through a large number of research, the calcic lack inside body also can cause high blood pressure. They give hypertensive patient compensatory calcium in the experiment qualitative, blood pressure can drop more, have many stubborn sex high blood pressure among them after the patient passes compensatory calcium to pledge, blood pressure also can alleviate. Hypertensive patient answers the food with filling strong sex of isotherm of meat of diet cock, dog, still must smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline, abstinence, especially spirited liquor, more should abstain.

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