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Divide blain from dietary proceed with
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People often says get ill by the mouth, the youth grew whelk, mostly as undeserved as food about. Since such, so divide blain from dietary proceed with. The way is very simple: Want to be able to accomplish “ only two avoid of more than 3 ”“ ” , blain disappears likely. More than 1: Eat more contain zinc to contain calcic food. Zinc can increase strength, quicken protein synthesis and rejuvenesce, promote cut heal, and calcium can pacify nerve. The provision that contains zinc to abound is very much, wait like corn, hyacinth bean, soya bean, turnip, dawdle, nut, hepatic, scallop. Milk is the first selection of filling calcium. More than 2: Eat the food with vitamin much content more. Should notice compensatory vitamin A, B2, B6, C, E particularly. Because vitamin A has second birth effect to skin. And with zinc epithelial hyperplasia and wool bursa can be restrained not only when cooperation excessive cutin is changed, adjustable still sweat gland is secreted, reduce acidity metabolization content to be eroded to cutaneous. Vitamin C can be effective the organization that ground rehabilitate is injured by dark sore. Vitamin B2 and B6 can share essence of life metabolization protein and promote adipose metabolization, quicken cellular biology oxidation, be pacified dark sore. Of the vitamin E that regards hairdressing as the ambassador raise colour action need not say more. The provision that contains vitamin A has liver of spinach, lettuce, apricot, mango, animal, cod-liver oil, roe roughly; Soya-bean oil, nut and bacterium alga if stay of proceedings of agaric, hedgehog hydnum contains rich vitamin E; And the food that contains vitamin B2, B6, center in greenery vegetable, fish more. More than 3: Eat crude fibre food more. Can promote peristalsis of intestines and stomach to accelerate metabolization, make redundant grease as early as possible outside eduction body. This kind of food has whole wheat bread, coarse food grain, soja, bamboo shoot to wait. One avoid: Thick flavour of avoid fat be bored with. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks dark sore results from surfeit fat pleasant, should eat fat less to panbroil as far as possible so wait for fat food and high spirit food. 2 avoid: Avoid is acrimony and tepid. Because hot food is easy,stimulate nerve and blood-vessel, cause dark sore recrudesce easily. Contain meat of excitant coffee, dog to wait to also want to avoid edible at the same time.