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Reduce weight: Step the metre of accurate spring
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Use medicaments and health care to taste reduce weight have particular risk. A few days ago, a kind of when the market sells capsule reducing weight is detected to go out contain banned remedy, city feeds medical inspect bureau to instruct stop to sell instantly. So, how can you just reduce weight correctly? We ask an expert to give solve. Fat the harm   to the female besides the influence beautiful, fat healthy to the mankind harm is very great. Modern medicine proves, a lot of diseases, if appearance of congee of Ⅱ diabetic, hypertension, coronary artery is sclerotic sexual heart disease and cerebral blood-vessel are accident, the pathogeny often is bad food what habit and undesirable lifestyle cause is fat. To the female character, still have a few disease of common department of gynaecology is as close as fat relation also. Ask for if much bursa is ovarian integratedly: Main show is menstruation disorder or amenorrhoea, much wool, acne and androgen level heighten, this disease is in Yo age woman incidence of a disease is very high; Be like cancer of the film inside uterine flesh tumour, uterus and mammary gland tumour to wait again, also having direct or indirect connection with fat disease. This shows, fat just already did not affect beautiful issue, the physiology that it still gives a woman even psychology brings very big impact. Fat domestic and international to harm   of the male newest research makes clear, fat man prostate cancerous incidence of a disease is someone else 2 times much, the male is far from fat reduce prostate cancer likely come on risk. Accordingly, change dietary structure and the happening that adopt other and common wholesome step to prevent fat disease, also can prevent action to arriving since prostate cancer. In addition, the man is fat person the risk that has periodontosis compares half of ordinary person tower above about. The periodontosis influence to health, not be oral cavity only, the United States considers to still make clear, periodontosis patient suffers from more easily heart disease, diabetic wait for a variety of diseases. Still have, fat it is heart disease, diabetic critical factor normally, this is in university of a of k of s of n of e of r of g of l of h of a of S of fort of heart of Swedish elder brother last a period of time of a healthy to 7402 person 28 years along with in visitting research, get confirming, consider to think, middleaged man is fat can make sick into death danger is sent to increase 1 times in its soldier.