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Walnut hawkthorn drink alleviates lumbago
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The job the person with busy, little movement often can feel lumbar acerbity backache, drink of potion walnut hawkthorn can resolve your worry. Walnut, with almond tree, cashew, filbert together, label 4 big dried fruit of world, beneficial of the nut ” that nutrition of ” of “ Hercules food, “ is abounded, “ the good name of ” of macrobian fruit of wisdom fruit ” , “ . Zhang Guoxi's researcher says ill division of old age of hospital of Xi Yuan of academy of sciences of Chinese traditional Chinese medical science, the filling kidney beautiful that walnut is a tradition is tasted, the medicinal food middling that also is remedial kidney empty uses advocate makings, no matter be dispensation,use, still eat raw alone, water is boiled, cook food, have enrich the blood raise gas, filling kidney to write essence of life, relieve a cough smooth asthma, moisten the respiratory tract is aperient wait for favorable effect, the lumbago that causes to kidney empty especially is having very good therapy effect. In addition, shen of Tang Dynasty the first month is written " dietotherapy a book on Chinese medicine " in record and narrate, eat walnutmeat arteries and veins of the OK and appetizing, blood that understand benefit, make flesh and blood exquisite. Of walnut feed a law a lot of, add walnut right amount brine to boil, drink water to eat broken bits to be able to treat the disease such as kidney empty lumbago, seminal emission, forgetful, tinnitus, frequent micturition. Stomach of hawkthorn acerbity Gan Jian, can promote a stomach to digest enzymatic secrete, as operable as walnut effect is much better. The expert recommends ” of drink of hawkthorn of walnut of a “ , the practice is: Take walnutmeat 150 grams, hawkthorn 50 grams, white sugar 200 grams, walnutmeat adds water touch, with food treatment opportunity is hit into the oar, in loading container, add right amount cool boiled water to be moved into rare oar juice again. Hawkthorn goes nucleus, section, add water 500 milliliter decoction half hours, filter comes forward juice, boil again take 2 juice, juice of just a little is amalgamative, on answer buy fire, join white sugar agitate, wait for after dissolving, again slowly enter walnutmeat oar juice, the edge pours edge agitate divide evenly, burn to small boil can. Morning and evening takes 1 each second, lukewarm it is advisable to take.