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Yo age female eats bit of melon seed everyday
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Setting: Bureau of control of precaution of disease of Ministry of Public Health and United Nations Children's Fund Commission started “ young Yo jointly a few days ago age female nutrition improves the action to plan ” , aim to carry the transmission of nutrient information, the Yo that raises 20 ~ 35 years old age the scientific knowledge of the nutrition that female crowd reachs next generation to oneself and healthy state, reduce the effect of undesirable element. Want to give birth to a healthy darling, the woman should make good nutrition reserve since the first day when enter Yo age. Our country is famous dietetics home Li Ruifen leaves in the light of the nutrient problem of this one crowd gave “ to improve prescription ” : Eat a small sunflower everyday (about 30 or so) , will big to improving folic acid to lack helpful. Investigation shows, china has 3 to become lack of the folic acid inside body of Yo age female about. Folic acid is vitamin of a kind of water-solubility, it is place of development of fetal and inchoate nerve indispensible nurture is qualitative. Li Ruifen suggests before pregnant 3 months are about to begin to take folic acid, everyday 0.4 milligram, till be pregnant full 3 months. 24 ~ are 28 years old optimal birth age, but this one age paragraph a lot of females however maintained a figure to put the first, with be on a diet, take medicine wait for a method to reduce weight. Li Ruifen expresses to be anxious very to this, she says, be on a diet the nutriment shortage that cause gives birth to low weight easily not only, and can make folic acid lacks ” of phenomenal “ one disaster after another, bring about without the head, heighten of birthrate of oaf of divine be in charge of. In addition, overweight and fat Yo age the female also is absent a few, fat meeting causes the body certain and gravid complication, be like hypertensive, diabetic etc, be born easily still tremendous. Be aimed at at present our country Yo age nutrient hidden trouble of the female, li Ruifen leaves gave “ to improve prescription ” , want to adjust weight and compensatory nutrition. In make sure nutrition is laid in while, raise opposite of quality of spouse of the same branch of a family a healthy darling is very important also. She suggests, before of the same branch of a family, both sides of husband and wife is best can drink yoghurt of on one cannikin (125 milliliter) , eat two cracker, in order to provide enough energy, the following day breakfast also wants more a few richer gift is nice. In addition, notice complement even the food of a few good sexual life.   links related Yo age female ought to eat   to adjust weight so: The standard weight of a grown woman (kilogram) = height (centimeter) - 105, drift up and down it is normal that 10 % are. The person that weight does not amount to mark or exceed bid, answer to fall in the help of doctor or nutrient division, prepare body readjustments to be pregnant again to standard hind. Compensatory nutrition: Eat the food that contains a lot offolic acid more, be like vegetable of animal liver, fish, greenery, bean products, nut and seed (melon seeds, earthnut, walnutmeat) etc. Yo age female absorbs staple food everyday 300 grams of 250 ~ , flesh kind 100 grams, egg 1 ~ 2, bean products is 150 grams of 100 ~ , vegetable 500 grams, fruit 2, milk 500 milliliter (early 1, late 1, had better drink yoghurt in the evening) . The   of 5 kinds of food of good sexual life pluck: Mill of choke of dainty of  of Tan Ji of ü of  unoccupied place lament still makes an appointment with  of head of に an ancient nationality in China to hope male of Nao of ⒅ of lofty of Ω of ⒓ of lofty of  reins Dang takes?   to contain zincic food:  of  of tip Zai Tao climbing over a wall is low ⒂ of  of ㄉ of ⒒ of Pi of full of ⒌ of Suan of H of ⑴ of deceive of wither of constant  let down with a rope scrupulously and respectfully the food that ⒑ scald chasm takes?   to contain a lot ofacid of ammonia of essence of life: Exemplary a coil up of  of  of left-eyed flounder slave-girl  of ⒛ of  of 2 lofty ⒛ aning enclosure for storing grain scrupulously and respectfully ⑼ of ⒆ Xi Shu is stupefied channel takes?   to contain the food with much calcium: 4  of ⒑ of ヂ couch plinth ⒋ Huo crime bay denounce broken return the food that takes?   to contain a lot ofa vitamin: Scarlet, deep green the vegetable fruit with modena.

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