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The chestnut chicken that stew improves the health kidney not empty
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” of the “ chestnut chicken that stew is a lot of cafeteria in element of some a meat or fish are tie-in dish, also be the cooked food that a lot of families often eat. No matter Chinese chestnut is to match dish or sheet to eat, in our country north area everywhere is seen. It contains many starch and Gan Wen of flavour of rich protein, adipose, vitamin, sex, can thick intestines and stomach, filling kidney is angry, have raise a stomach, be good at the effect such as lienal, filling kidney, strong anything resembling a tendon or vein, invigorate the circulation of blood, detumescence. The chronic diarrhoea that the lumbar genu aching and limp that applies to kidney empty be caused by, pee causes with lienal Xu Han more, also can strong anything resembling a tendon or vein be good at body. From the point of alimental property of a medicine, pleasant of chestnut sex flavour, have raise a stomach be good at lienal, filling kidney strong anything resembling a tendon or vein, the effect with hemostatic invigorate the circulation of blood. Sun Saimiao of famous medicine Great Master is in Tang Dynasty " a thousand pieces of gold wants square " in the empty of fruit nephrosis kidney of kidney of write “ Li Wei person often feed the effect to show, the source kidney that kidney is life be good at macrobian also ” . Contemporary dietetics thinks, the content proportion of chicken protein is higher, sort is much, and digestive rate is high, be absorbed very easily to use by human body, have the effect that enhances physical strength, strong body. Chicken contains pair of human body to grow the phosphatide that development has main effect kind, it is a Chinese in prandial structure adipose one of main source with phosphatide. Chicken is cold to hidebound, Wei be afraid that lack of power and cold, fatigue, menstruation is not moved, anaemic, frail etc have very good dietotherapy effect. Motherland medicine thinks, chicken has Wen Zhongyi gas, filling empty to fill the effect of courage and uprightness of arteries and veins of essence of life, be good at taste, invigorate the circulation of blood, strong bones and muscles, filling empty, beneficial, general average per capita but edible. Weak of old person, patient, body more appropriate edible. Chinese chestnut matchs chicken, taste of filling kidney empty, beneficial, agree with edible of kidney empty crowd, also be the delicate cate that general and healthy person improves the health. The method that make: 1. Take whole chicken, stripping and slicing. 2. Prepare half jins of unripe chestnut, boil bit of hot water, chestnut puts in bubble a little while, the skin came down very quickly. 3. Ginger section, 4 garlic valve, 5 shallot knot, even a few anise. Practice: 1. Put first in boiler stir-fry at ordinary times the oil of 2 times, 6 when becoming heat gallinaceous piece is put in fry a little while, the skin is pursy will be filled come out. 2. The oil in boiler is OK and direct a ginger, garlic, still Chinese prickly ash is fried sweet, put chicken next, put a bit cooking wine then, put soy again, fry, turn on the water just cover chicken is OK, pink of knot of green of salt of this transfer to a lower level, anise, Chinese prickly ash, conflagration is boiled, guan Xiaohuo stews 10 minutes, put in chestnut again, stew 15 minutes or so again, put the essence of life that nod chicken, ok gives boiler. 3. If you think the desk is good-looking, before that gives boiler, had better get onion first. When I am done, forgot to put chili, like to eat a few chili are put when hot friend is stewing chicken, such more delicate.

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