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How does diabetic person answer hypoglycemia
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Hypoglycemia is a diabetic common complication. The diabetic person reaction to hypoglycemia is inferior to old age the patient of other age is sensitive, so the hypoglycemia disease of senile diabetic is sent more and the symptom is not typical do not have a symptom even, main reason has: Old age is diabetic the person often erupts simultaneously nerve pathological changes, make sympathetic becomes not sensitive. When hypoglycemia disease happens, symptom of its sympathetic excitement can be lacked because of this, till serious hypoglycemia reaction happens, make function of cerebrum nerve cell is damaged; Still have senile diabetic complication much, add constant function of intentional, kidney is not complete, kidney to falling candy medicaments metabolizes slow, make fall to candy medicaments action increases or be inside body thereby save up, make hypoglycemia disease good hair and relatively serious; Additional because senile diabetic course of diseases is longer, iteration hypoglycemia fit makes pancreas rises candy element or adrenalin to react to hypoglycemia threshold value lifts, mechanism of blood sugar adjustment is not acute, once produce hypoglycemia disease, with respect to can rapid accentuation, a hair symptom that appears to be given priority to with damage of function of central nervous system; It is the patient lacks understanding to producing hypoglycemia again, distinguish ability difference, procrastinate to be sent hospital cure to insensible ability. Accordingly, actively pays close attention to the illness change of senile diabetic, understanding causes the common inducement of hypoglycemia, monitor blood sugar regularly, ability accomplishs precautions averts perils. Want to strengthen ego health protection above all, notice quantity of heat is absorbed. Want to the limitation of carbohydrate in food proper, want to assure to have the staple food of certain amount. The attention rests and assure enough sleep, enhance airframe strength through appropriate motion, prevent and prevent respiratory tract and enteron infection, if have infection,answer early diagnose, early treatment. Give up smoking, drink wait for undesirable habits and customs. Next, senile patient is in produce gastroenteritis, cold to wait when treating the disease that is like ailment, answer to see a doctor to the hospital as soon as possible, cannot carelessness. Take food when decreasing, should decrease in time fall the dosage of candy medicine, strengthen blood sugar to monitor at the same time. Again, senile patient evening is taken fall candy medicine, must particularly discreet, prevent nocturnal occasional before dawn to produce hypoglycemia to react. Function of liver, kidney is not complete person, should notice medicaments the saving action inside body, choose proper remedy and dosage. Additional, the blood sugar of senile diabetic controls index to be able to relax appropriately, in case the happening of hypoglycemia. Once produce hypoglycemia, answer to adopt a family to save oneself above all, give patient profess to convinced syrup instantly, or the food that edible contains 15 grams carbohydrate. The common emergency treatment food in the home includes dextrose piece 3, the soda water that contain sugar half cup, cube sugar 6, 2 ~ of candy 3, biscuit 3, milk 1 cup. 10 ~ after 15 minutes, if the symptom has not alleviated, can eat again. If happen in nightly, can eat a snack that contains protein and carbohydrate additionally. Notice even additionally, the patient of enzymatic depressor of glucoside of use α- candy, dextrose must be used when hypoglycemia emergency treatment, and cannot edible cane sugar will handle. The patient of inject insulin is OK and preliminary a pancreas promotes case of lash-up of blood sugar element, in order to have untimely needs. To appearing the danger with not clear mind weighs a patient, answer to dial emergency treatment telephone instantly while the family saves oneself, send toward hospital rescue as soon as possible.

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