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Milk is strange and 10 healthy kinds have a way
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The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine learns to think, milk flavour Gan Xingwei is cold, have promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop path of thirsty, moist bowel, clear heat aperient, filling Xu Jian is lienal wait for effect. Have milk be machininged appropriately, or undertake allocating together with other edibles, can make ” of all sorts of “ dietotherapy milk. 1. Milk congee. Xian Niu suckles 250 milliliter, rice 60 grams, white sugar is right amount. Cook rice first half ripe, go rice water, add milk, slow fire boils congee, join white sugar agitate, dissolve adequately become namely. Morning and evening is tepid take feed, notice to last, do not deteriorate. Can fill empty caustic, be good at taste, embellish the five internal organs. Apply to frail the empty after the strain, inadequacy that enrage blood, disease wins, aged body is weak, hidebound wait for disease. The milk congee that produces by milkings processing factory has a variety of recipes, form sweet, salty wait for different gust. Its are antiseptic time is short, nutrient loss is little. 2. Soup of milk big jujube. Milk is 500 milliliter, big jujube 25 grams, rice 100 grams. Boil rice and big jujube congee together first, add milk next, burn can, can fill gas blood, be good at taste, apply to the disease such as the overfatigue body empty, inadequacy that enrage blood. 3. Hotpot suckles a thick soup. Hotpot 250 grams, ginger 20 grams, yam 100 grams, milk 250 milliliter. hotpot abluent cut small, ginger is cut piece, put into arenaceous boiler together, add water right amount, slow fire stews 7 ~ 8 hours, agitate divide evenly, purify is not sodden residual, take hotpot boiling water, join section yam, boil sodden, enter milk again, burn can. Taste Wen Zhong filling empty originally, beneficial energy filling spirit, after applying to disease (postpartum) limb the disease such as cold, tired, be discouraged. Can divide several times everyday take feed, take 5 ~ 7 days to be one period of treatment repeatedly. Take this square when unfavorable have other remedy at the same time, best everyday in the morning complementary feed congee of lotus seed of millet big jujube (millet is 60 grams, big jujube 10, 18 grams boil lotus seed in all congee) . 4. Delicacy suckles jade fluid. Rice introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad walnut meat of 60 grams, blast is 80 grams, raw Hu Tao benevolence 45 grams, white sugar 12 grams, milk 200 milliliter. rice abluent, immerse 1 hour fish out, filter does moisture, add a few water agitate mill with introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad peach kernel, milk, filter with funnel take juice, enter juice water boil is added inside boiler, join white sugar agitate, the filter after waiting for Quan Rong goes broken bits, take filtrate to fall boil is burned to be become namely inside boiler. This tasting can fill lienal kidney, lung of beneficial of moisten the respiratory tract, apply to constipation of dry of deficient bowel of cough, asthma, lumbago and ferry to wait, can serve as ill rear body empty, neurasthenic, chronic function of bronchitic, sex is low, senile of costive patient prandial. Hollow and drinkable or assist of morning and evening is fed all but. 5. A thick soup of ginger leek milk. Leek 250 grams, ginger 25 grams, milk 250 milliliter. leek, ginger mincing, pound, wring with clean gauze take juice, enter boiler again inside, add milk boil can. This tasting but lukewarm stomach be good at lienal, apply to a stomach cold model gastric ulcer, chronic gastritis, gastral cavity painful, vomiting, can take at daily time. Have milk of juice of a kind of ginger additionally, with ginger juice 10 grams, white sugar 20 grams, milk 200 milliliter, mix even boil to be become namely. This tasting but beneficial stomach, fall go against, stop vomiting, apply to the woman that gravid vomiting cannot eat. 6. Thick grandma. Burn milk the starch that joins 7 % of 3 % ~ or cake powder, lotus root starch, make milk becomes stiff, slightly candy can. This tasting apply to chronic vomiting, queasy the patient that increases energy with need. 7. Egg grandma. Cook the egg first old, take out chorion, albumen, with bruise of ladle general yoke, join milk to mix adequately can. Yoke is divided outside containing protein, adipose, vitamin A, still contain the material such as iron, phosphor. This tasting apply to anaemia of the sex that be short of iron, and the baby that needs 45 months with compensatory qualitative calcium. 8. Abstain defatted grandma. Boil milk, quiet place counts a hour, above take out a skin on boiled milk (namely adipose, this law is common but take out of 80 % adipose) become namely. This tasting agree with the infant that feed contracts the alvine path disease such as diarrhoea, dysenteric, enteritis. As a result of take out adipose milk contains quantity of heat low, lack vitamin A, D to wait, usable and other provision is additional, cured hind should continue to feed complete fat milk. 9. Tea with milk. Tea is added to be able to say with drink the tradition that is whole world people is used to in milk. Our country southern likes to drink the belt is sweet milk black tea, and person of Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Tibet loves to drink the belt is salty tea with milk (milk of brick tea + ) . The modulation method of tea with milk is: Use part of a historical period of make tea of boiled water dip first, take advantage of a favorable situation next in the milk that pours it into boil. As to add candy or add salt, can decide according to the individual's taste. After tea is being added in milk, make both and peculiar fragrance be in harmony at an organic whole, nutrient composition complements each other, restrained the agonized flavour of the fishy smell of milk and tea, drinkable rise taste more full-bodied, continous grows. Tea with milk can go fat, aid digestion, beneficial thinks of detoxify of life-giving, diuresis, eliminate exhaustion, also agree with the patient such as urgent chronic enteritis, gastritis and duodenum ulcer is drinkable. Toxic to alcohol and dope person, it still can produce alexipharmic effect. 10. Milk reduces heavy standard. Apply to an athlete to reduce weight. The athletic project such as weight lifting, tumble, judo classifies by weight, the athlete should adjust good weight before the match, made limitation is inside some grade limits, the method that aux used to uses is intake of limitative heat energy, discharge sweat kimono to wait with diuretic. In recent years foreign somebody uses milk to reduce heavy standard, specific measure has two kinds, one kind calls family name of general collect popular science the law, arrange a day to be milk day every week namely, eat milk only in this day 1 ~ 1.5 litres, yoghurt 0.5 litres, cheese 200 grams of 100 ~ , and a few butter; Another kind calls Kaleier the law, successive between 3 climate, every endowment drinks milk 5 times in all 1 litre, in the meantime, eat a few vegetable, fruit, meat again kind. Use milk to decrease allegedly can reduce the moisture content inside body again, and without osmotic interference, won't affect the athlete's result.

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