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Teach you how Lenten make fleshy flavour come
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If you think to have a meal to just can reflect the warmth of reunion in the home, so, how to act according to on one desk for family the cooked food that delicate nutrition has new idea again, whether letting your injury show head? Need not anxious, you are OK from the following we choose in the dish of special design a few favorite, stay wait for night of the New Year's Eve to be before family distinguish oneself. Dye-in-the-wood   our newspaper is stationed in new idea of different region dumpling Shen Lin of reporter of Korea engage by special arrangement: Traditional Korea dumpling is given priority to basically with element stuffing, cent is flat head, Gui Ya resembles two kinds. Flat a shredded meat that use an ox, Xianggu mushroom, pumpkin that has fried and green bean sprouts do stuffing, become tetragonal dumpling with dumpling portfolio next. Gui Ya seems the dumpling that eats in old times palace, stuffing is done with beef, cucumber, bean sprouts on round dumpling skin, bao Chenghai joins about. Now, korean often can eat pickle dumpling to add an area when New Year piece soup. Dumpling stuffing is to use make it of bud of pickle, beef, spinach, gram, bean curd, egg, green Chinese onion, garlic, balm, pepper, soy, salt, sesame seed, the bag becomes the entity of a shoe-shaped gold or silver ingot used as money in feudal China with Chinese dumpling, acid is hot goluptious, nutrition is rich, the person that likes Han type taste mights as well try. Our newspaper is stationed in Zhou Min of reporter of Vietnam engage by special arrangement: Vietnam person also has had New Year of Chinese the traditional Chinese calendar and the convention that eat dumpling. Flour of their dumpling skin cent and ground rice two kinds, dumpling stuffing is used material is much also choose the fresh fish shrimp with Vietnam common this locality to give priority to, complementary in order to scramble egg, dried tangerine or orange peel adjusts with a few pig beef taste. Vietnam dumpling can be divided according to cook method boil for water, steam and panbroil 3 kinds. Compare with dumpling of extensive pattern decoct, although surface of Vietnam decoct dumpling is more a few fatter, but form sharp contrast with the delicate mouthfeel as it happens of piscine shrimp stuffing, taste so do not have local color one time. Our newspaper is stationed in Wen Ling of reporter of Italian engage by special arrangement: The appearance of Italian dumpling is varied, it is to use appropriative wood matrix to make. Although the appearance is spotless, but relative to at Chinese dumpling character, lacked the appeal that makes a few minutes by hand and clever spirit. The raw material of Italian dumpling stuffing is mixed with seafood, vegetable, cheese, beef, chicken dawdle give priority to. The law that boil also with China very much the same, but after been boil, still need cook again, join a few tomato juice that had boiled beforehand or butyric juice to break up fry, can enjoy. Originality fast dish more Chen Xia of professor of division of nutrition of Hua Dong hospital of nutrient   Shanghai flies: Before meal of the eve of the lunar New Year is big fish big meat, the satisfy a craving when eating, afterwards however a few days are not digested. But spend the New Year greatly do not have a cruelly oppress, also not be well-intentioned head. Actually, in Buddhist fast dish, often can by superb ground will be Lenten do so that have the flesh model, have the flesh sweet, flavour having the flesh, evening of the New Year's Eve arrives dish of two originality fast, serve the appetite of family so that take docile note certainly. Taro of demon of   of taro of demon of ice and snow is food of ” of low quantity of heat of a kind of “ , have fall the detoxify of hematic fat, detumescence, curative effect that reduce weight. demon taro refrigerant reassume of a few Queen of heaven come out, aspic demon taro the frozen bean curd as northeast, became sponge appearance, extremely easy tasty, suit to stew most feed. Heat is oily, put Qinggong each 50 grams turn over piece of any of several hot spice plants and water hair agaric fry, have pot stand-by. Bacterium mushroom soup is put inside boiler, snow demon taro is boiled. Enter piece of any of several hot spice plants and agaric, flavor can. Wave yam of   of sweet cloud leg is had fill lienal the effect that raises kidney of beneficial of stomach, filling lung, intestines and stomach is easy during the Spring Festival excess load runs, yam maintains best namely article. 400 grams yam flay enters basket evaporate ripe, make mud and wet starch be put in together dish inside, join egg Qing Dynasty divide evenly of agitate of 50 grams, refined salt, sesame-seed oil, gourmet powder, white sugar, become hill spice. Take 1 / the hill spice of 10, add tender candy color, mix into divide evenly puts the iron case that applies oil, booth is made the same score take out after basket evaporate is hard, for “ skin ” . 3 / the hill spice of 10 is put on skin, booth makes the same score evaporate 10 minutes, appear for ” of “ fat fat. Add odd hill spice juice of arenaceous benevolence face, red music again, go up in ” of “ fat fat with divide evenly of sesame oil agitate, booth, reentry basket evaporate 35 minutes, air is cool, brush on sesame-seed oil, the banquet on section is become namely. The fruit enters dish aid digestion the Song Dynasty of division of nutrition of hospital of   Beijing rising sun is new: Use the fruit of cook dish aptly, informal count won't be little at 100 kinds. The fruit with thicker acidity often is used to stew, the delegate has apple and pear; The flesh is qualitative ringing tastily person comfortable at frying, be like litchi and pineapple; Pulp can be thick, long boil high temperature resistant, can mix the flesh kind be boiled together or use make staple food, sweet a peach-shaped thing and fruit of cantaloup …… basis are for instance idiosyncratic and tie-in, not only delicate, and outstanding fruity is bright sweet balanced nutrition. Beef of   of Niu Liu cuts pineapple to grow 3 centimeters wide chip to add into 5 centimeters unripe smoke,   cooking wine flavors, add starch to mix divide evenly, pineapple section. Oil is put to burn to 4 maturity inside boiler, fry the pan below beef to 9 mature fish out. Boiler bottom takes a few oil, issue Chengdu of garlic of chopped green onion, fry sweet put pineapple piece, salt, Xian Shang, beef, the outfit that fry divide evenly dish can.   of meal of chicken of evaporate of coco polished glutinous rice cuts coconut meat small, put together with polished glutinous rice, chicken water steam is lain between to come inside big handleless cup know sth thoroughly; Or sheet uses a coco, curium coping, withhold coconut juice, join polished glutinous rice, water is lain between to stew 3 hours after the lid is good, eat meal of polished glutinous rice and coconut meat. Often feed appliance to Wen Zhongyi is enraged, filling head beneficial colour action, apply to lienal empty listless, inappetence person.

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