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Acrid flavoring
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Dried tangerine or orange peel of dried tangerine or orange peel is the fruity peel classics such as orange the drying the skin of fruit that after dry   dry is handled, gets. Because of dry hind can place Chen Jiu, friend says for ” of “ dried tangerine or orange peel. Taste of dried tangerine or orange peel is bitter, have scent. Its acrid material is the “ that is a delegate with citric glucoside and acrid element kind the citric ” that suffer from element. Flavour of element of this phyletic and citric suffering is gentle, yi Rong is solved at water. It conduces to alimental digesting. Accordingly, when dried tangerine or orange peel is used at cooking cooked food, can flavor, but purify peculiar smell. Sufferring from almond to suffer from almond is a kind of almond, it is Shan Xing's seed. Those who suffer from almond is acrid and main offer by place of bitter almond glucoside, bitter almond serves as a kind of acrid condiment. What this kind of bitter Ren Gan basically uses namely in cooking is acrid. Using at cooking, often need to put bitter almond into water to immerse, what suffer from almond with eliminate part is acrid. Deserve to be fried with the vegetable such as celery, carrot, soya bean next feed or mix feed. When using bitter almond to serve as acrid condiment, need to notice: Bitter almond cannot edible is overmuch. If feed bitter almond overmuch, can make human body organization is reduced or lose the function of carriage oxygen, can restrain breathing central nervous even, serious person can endanger life. Accordingly, when bitter almond is being used in cooking, must immerse in preexistence water, make glucoside of among them bitter almond major dissolve Yu Shuizhong, can decrease already so acrid, can ensure safety again. Be like,dish tastes: Man of chicken of multicoloured almond, almond, almond 3 man. Chrysanthemum chrysanthemum is the capitulum of feverfew chrysanthemum. Sexual flavour pleasant, suffering, cool. Contain the part such as glucoside of purine of naphtha, choline, gland, chrysanthemum, amino acid, yellow ketone, vitamin B1. Can use at making slices of fish meat of cutlet of drink of green tea of chrysanthemum wine, chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum wait (to be continued) .