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The kitchen boils the knowledge with hot scald craft
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The   that boil is boiled is cooking often has a medium one kind medium, but differ according to boiled content boil the skill that also has a lot of. The fine dried noodles that boil: After waiting for water boil below, when boiler has persnickety bubble upgrade to risk below, churn a few times, build pot boil, right amount add cold water, build pot boil again ripe. The fine dried noodles that such boiling soft and boiling water is clear. The dumpling that boil: Common saying says: “ open boiler boils a skin to build boiler to boil stuffing, ” opens wide boiler to boil, water is warm can be close to 100 degrees only, as a result of the boiling action of water, dumpling keeps turning, the skin is ripe even, not easy burst. After the skin is ripe, build boiler to boil again, temperature rises, stuffing is easy squashy. The congee that boil: The congee that boil most after making poll is painful is boil, spill over outside boiler, if a few sesame-seed oil drip in past boiler, get internal heat after boil little a bit, boil how long without giving thought to so also won't outside excessive. The milk that boil: If milk is boiled with slow fire, the vitamin inside can be oxidized by air and be destroyed, it is good to if use flourishing internal heat,boil a circumstance much. Additional, the milk that boil cannot see go, also do not open period of time on fire, anger leaves after inquire for leaves however, move again next see on fire, fall from fire again, 34 times such iteration, can maintain the nutrient in milk not only, and the cloth in still killing milk effectively bacili of rash family name. The egg that boil: Put the egg in cold water to soak first, put into hot water to boil again, chorion won't burst. In addition, egg skin is very easy also denude. The method of water of scald of hot scald   basically has two kinds: One kind is water of scald of boiled water boiler; Another kind is water of scald of cold water boiler. Water of scald of boiled water boiler, heat the water inside boiler namely to scram, issue raw material boiler next. Issue boiler hind to flip through in time, time wants short. Exquisite color, fragile, tender, not ham. This kind of method is multi-purpose at plant sex raw material, be like: Celery, spinach, asparagus lettuce. Special attention wants when scald water duration, time is a bit long, color can become weak, and not fragile also, tender. Because this puts bowl inside hind, when water is ajar can fish out air is cool. Do not rush with cold water, lest cause new pollution.