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Food is mouldproof the method is much
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Rainwater already passed, the Waking of Insects will come, overcast and rainy unbroken, humidity tall, air temperature is low, a lot of food grew substance of form of wool of a wool, all these is the evil that mould makes. According to the report, accept the provision that mould pollutes, become angry not only, change flavour, adipose content decreases, protein also gets the destruction of certain level, especially lysine and acid content of ammonia of essence of life drop significantly, more serious is, mould produces mould toxin in the progenitive meeting on food, through food health of influence human body endangers life even. To avoid the mould toxin harm to human body, want above all mouldproof. Now will common provision is mouldproof a few method introductions that change are as follows: 1. Heat antiseptic law to most mould, heat to 80 ℃ , last 20 minutes to be able to be exterminated; Mould fights ray ability weaker, the ray that usable radio isotope gives off exterminates mould. But yellow aspergillus toxin is high temperature resistant, cling to the family name is disinfected (80 ℃ ) cannot destroy its noxiousness. 2. Low oxygen is safe-deposit and mouldproof mould is belonged to more need oxygen microbial, grow progenitive need oxygen, so bottle (coal tub) outfit food is after sterilization, fill with nitrogen or carbon dioxide, join deoxidizer, food tamp, undertake enraging handling or join oil seal to wait, can create anoxic environment, prevent most mould breed. For example: ● soy: A ripe soya-bean oil or sesame oil drip in the bottle that holding soy, make soy and air completely cut off, can prevent mould breed to grow. ● banger, flesh kind souse food: The autograph that use cotton dips in on a few rape oil or balm, even ground daub is in its surface, can mouldproof change. ● vinegar: A few sesame-seed oil or ripe peanut oil are added inside acetic bottle, make vinegar and air completely cut off, prevent to grow white film. The dried food buy such as ● Gan Xiangru, agaric, dried bamboo shoots, dried is saved inside sealed container. 3. Microtherm is mouldproof the flesh kind food, below the low temperature of 0 ℃ , can save 20 days changeless; New Year cake immerses completely inside the porcelain crock of water, water is warm maintain it is under 10 ℃ , can mouldproof change. 4. Indigenous method is mouldproof 1 kilogram of kelp are put in 100 kilograms rice, can exterminate a pest effectively, restrain mould. Although mouldproof the method that change is very much, but the harm that should eliminate mould toxin is finite, because this is a few righter already the food that mildew changes, do not want grudge, must desertion in time, must not hold fluky psychology edible, can cause bromatoxism otherwise.