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Feed and insipidity or caution body are sick
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The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks the mouth is medium drab it is lienal cause trouble, salty hurts taste bud instead, to nibble slow pharynx, increase carry momentum but “ aftertaste is boundless”Advertisement says: “ appetite is quite good, the body is quite good! ” laborious abandons disease to write Shi Yun: “ cheap is quite old, still can is the meal denied? ” the ancients thinks bowls “ is big impediment flesh, big drink ” is appetite of ideal Elysium …… as the mankind 6 be about to discharge the “ in a first 2 positions big desire ” , it is as good as the body to often think again into direct ratio. And the reporter understands discovery, clinical have however increasing in old people is teenage even appear “ is fed and insipidity ” , to a day of 3 eat not “ cold ” . Be sick after all be still the order of nature? Zhongshan university is accessary vice director of surgery of face of jaw of oral cavity of the 2nd hospital Professor Chen Weiliang points out, taste bud is exploration defence implement, “ did not taste ” hides possibly even tumor is minatory. Does function of old people taste reduce “ to eat a thing to have taste in? Inspect taste bud namely actually ’ of receptor of this ‘ probe is clever quick. Taste bud still is the one part of mechanism of human body defense, resemble what children has to suffer from can be being spat, gave out because of taste bud namely caution. ” Chen Weiliang says. Chen Weiliang introduces, atrophy of old people taste bud is natural phenomenon. Female 45 years old, the taste bud that there is 2/3 about after the male is 55 years old begins atrophy, and the growth as the age, gustatory function continues to reduce, this is “ of a lot of old people feeds the real reason that does not know flavour ” . The disease inside a few oral cavity of “ , for example oral cavity mucous membrane is compressed moss, or oral cavity ulcer not only the influence has a thing, disturb the person's taste possibly also at the same time. ” Chen Weiliang says, besides the gustatory function decline with normal old people, backside of weak ” of mouth of “ of a lot of moment under cover is a lot of disease signal. “ operation patient, put the cure, patient that change cure to be able to feel the opening is weak, do not want to have a thing. Operation and medicaments cause this, and tumor oppresses central nervous appears possibly also taste is abate. ” Chen Weiliang expresses. About research confirm, many inchoate cancer patient, can have the appearance with abate taste, about the terminal cancer patient of 1/4 is abrupt and angular concern with unusual taste, gustatory surprise regular meeting brings about anorexia. Consider to discover at the same time, in diabetic, thyroid tumors and the patient of glaucoma, ” of “ flavour blind person should make than normal person tower above multiple! From this many experts think, gustatory obstacle may be the “ alarm ” that contracts some kind of disease. Additional, he points out, the opening is weak happen possibly also in body inflammation rise first or subsidise phase, especially enteron disease accompanies “ to feed like the metropolis such as enteron ulcer do not know flavour ” ; Endocrine disease and the lack that use up sexual disease, hidebound, vitamin and microelement zinc calorificly for a long time, protein and quantity of heat absorb insufficient patient, often also have a weak feeling. Chen Weiliang tells a reporter, if old people tooth is misshapen,bringing about food and taste bud to contact ” intimately without “ completely also may be to feed the main reason that does not know ingredient. Appetite drops is anile feature person it is very straight that flesh of can big impediment, big bowl drinks to look in Chinese ancient time the pattern that shows the body is able-bodied in vain, if one individual not feel like eating, that estimation also does not work. What refract this the most adequately is “ cheap quite old, still can is the meal denied? The story of ” . “ is occupied " history write down · cheap quite Lin Xiangru biographies " account, cheap makes in Zhao designedly quite before magnanimity takes food, do not have consenescence to reveal his namely. One individual have a good appetite, like to be able to eat again, can be sure he is very healthy basically. Courtyard of traditional Chinese medical science of ” Guangzhou city digests medical director Professor Lv Yonghui to express, have a good appetite, Morpheus is good mix the body is able-bodied and direct link up with, why be like,major adolescent eats ox, sleep not to wake, because the body is young,be. And alleged “ grows strong dead ” , metropolis experience contains human body extremely and declining process, this physiology process shows parabola, chase the old age in be being entered gradually when the person, be faced with probably want to eat not feel like eating or flat the condition that does not want to eat, be fed so and insipidity, appetite drops to be considered as one of features of human body consenescence. “ Zhao makes subreption tells Zhao Wanglian quite although have a good appetite, but feed wants ‘ convenient ’ 3 times, zhaowang feels cheap is quite old, still dare not use, although feed,this is have taste, but body movement changes a function to drop, do not leave nutrition. ” Lv Yonghui tells a reporter, eat to be pulled a few times, make clear inside wet, lienal empty, the absorption of small intestine the function is poor. “ is lienal advocate carry is changed, carry influences ability feeble, wear bowel naturally to pass with respect to meeting occurrence nutrition but the body does not stay. ” Lv Yonghui says. We measure “ patient prognosis is good, very old rate also is to observe he loves not to love to take food, eat an amount how many. ” Lv Yonghui expresses. Feed and insipidity is lienal cause trouble is fed and insipidity considers as “ mouth weak ” in the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine formerly, the taste in pointing to a mouth decreases the hair inside late, self-conscious mouth weak and cannot taste a dietary taste. “ disposition is connected at the mouth, lienal and criterion the mouth can know food crops. ” this is " the classics inside Huang Di " to feeding dull viewpoint “ elaborates ” . Lv Yonghui expresses, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, lienal have one's ideas straightened out at the mouth, lienal advocate carry changes function and appetite, taste to having close relationship. Lienal advocate carry is changed, if disposition be good at carry, criterion appetite is exuberant, taste is normal. If lienal lose be good at use, see inappetence, buccal weak insipidity. “ opening is so weak ” person the key is to should raise a stomach be good at lienal, in order to fills in beneficial is angry. “ is clinical and commonly used Tonga of gas of the 4 gentleman soup, beneficial in filling is decreased, medicine if dangshen, the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes, tuckahoe, wood is sweet, arenaceous benevolence, music of dried tangerine or orange peel, god, hawkthorn. Be like taste deficiency of yang, fill inside Yin Han, need those who join Wen Yun lienal this world to taste, wait like monkshood, dry ginger; Be like the part of the body cavity between the diaphragm and the umbilicus housing the spleen of lienal empty wet block, and the mouth is weak, abdominal distension desire vomit, need those who add scent to change chaotic to taste, wait like wrinkled giant hyssop, admire orchid; Because of,be like chill of diseases caused by external factors, and the opening is weak person, be outside cold force lung, turn over be caused by of bully lienal earth, need lukewarm classics to come loose evil of cold, scattered wind, make disposition must be extended, the stomach is enraged answer, and buccal weak self-healing. ” Lv Yonghui introduces. She points out, in daily life, also can apply dietotherapy recuperation, with be good at lienal beneficial is angry, appetizing disappear is fed, scent changes chaotic to be a law, in order to enhance taste function, absorb nutrition in the round, make sure nutrition is absorbed adequately, she recommends the following dietotherapy Fang Yijian is lienal wake stomach: A thick soup of lean lean of hyacinth bean wild rice stem: Bright hyacinth bean 15 grams, bright wild rice stem 2, pig lean lean 150 grams, condiment is right amount. Pork first abluent, cut into shreds; Hyacinth bean pares; Wild rice stem pares, abluent, cut into shreds; Oil of the heat in boiler explodes with green, ginger sweet hind, next pork explode fry to become angry, next hyacinth bean, wild rice stem and pepper are right amount fry together. Wait for ripe hind, next wet starch tick off Gorgon euryale, add salt, gourmet powder to flavor to be become namely. But be good at lienal wake stomach, in mixing, change wet. Join Qi pig abdomen: Dangshen 30 grams, the root of remembranous milk vetch 10 grams, plain any of several hot spice plants, peppery, clove each 3 grams, pig abdomen 1, salt, gourmet powder each are right amount. First pig abdomen abluent, accept all medicine in pig abdomen, in buy boiler, add clear water right amount slow fire is stewed know sth thoroughly hind, castration broken bits, take out pig gut section, in replace soup, boil, salt, gourmet powder flavor take feed. But be good at lienal beneficial is angry, disappear is fed change indigestion. To nibble slow pharynx, increase carry momentum but “ aftertaste is boundless”Lv Yonghui points out, to nibble slow pharynx can make the person feels “ aftertaste is boundless ” . Original, in slow pharynx of the many mastication when dining, to nibble, OK and exciting saliva is secreted, act well in order to help more food elements and taste bud, add taste thereby. At ordinary times, also can feed fleshy doing, fruit doing, nut to wait more be able to bear or endure chew food, exercise salivary exudation through chewing ceaselessly, let taste bud retain vigor, decelerate the atrophic speed of taste bud. And feeling of hunger of generation of the body before increasing carry momentum to assure repast, make taste bud is in exalted position, and have a meal to eat 7 minutes only full, can let a person maintain “ greediness ” , function of flavour letting differentiate and appetite also are in good position. Abstinence of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline also can make a person promotional taste is experienced. What special need points out is, if eat a thing to feel “ does not have flavour ” , through ceaseless accentuation olfactory means stimulates taste bud, can harm taste bud instead. Because had eaten the too salty, hot, food that crosses acid and flavour dense,this is, although can add smell touch, but can undesirable to taste bud generation stimulation, damage taste bud further. If want to make food taste bit richer, can put the dressing such as some of green, ginger, garlic, flavor more. Expert introduction, at ordinary times food can feed the soup such as egg a thick soup, water in which noodles have been boiled, wonton more, the feeling that because the tongue is right,soup feeds should compare solid food sensitive much.

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