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What dish is the good spouse of cook again flesh?
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What is be being used to accompany dish to fry cook again flesh optimal choice? Why must hemp mother-in-law bean curd want to scatter beef foul smell child? Yesterday (7) day afternoon, inside house of art of masses of the Chengdu City, epicure Yuan Tingdong to the citizen tuitional the small key that makes food of the daily life of a family. Flesh of “ cook again is called plain dish the first dish, everybody can be fried, but, what companion dish is just optimal associate of the flesh? ” Yuan Tingdong asks. “ lotus is white. ”“ boiler armet. The listeners below ”…… stage responds eagerly. Yuan Tingdong shakes shake one's head say: “ garlic bolt! Garlic bolt just is to fry the companion dish with cook again best flesh! ” Yuan Tingdong says, because cook again flesh chooses 3 fertilizer more 7 lean meat, fatter, the distinct fragrance with peculiar garlic bolt can counteract fat flavour fitly, achieve “ yin and yang to balance ” . Hemp mother-in-law bean curd also is a indispensable dish on Chengdu person table, when the practice of bean curd of refer hemp mother-in-law, yuan Tingdong put forward two “ to pay attention to ” : It is foul smell child must if of beef. Beef is mincing fry crisp, can have a kind of special sweet smell, pork does not have this kind of fragrance. If do not have this fragrance, ” of bean curd of “ hemp mother-in-law became ” of bean curd of “ braise in soy sauce; 2 it is to must want to tick off Gorgon euryale 3 times, “ bean curd is very difficult tasty, normally condiment is to touch in bean curd surface. Tick off Gorgon euryale twice more, flavour can more thorough go in, mouthfeel is better also. ”