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Eliminate the optimal strategy of fatty liver
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A lot of people did check-up in spring, especially when some people are sufferred from to have fatty liver by check fish, feel very panicky, and after should understanding the disease of fatty liver somewhat, just can be in daily life try to notice and be on guard. Fatty liver is inside the liver cell that because all sorts of reasons are caused,points to adipose accumulation. Healthy person absorbs composition reasonable prandial when, hepatic adipose content occupies the 5 % of hepatic weight about, if adipose content exceeds 5 % inside liver, call fatty liver. 3 kinds of common fatty liver cent are fat sex fatty liver, alcohol sex fatty liver and diabetic sex fatty liver. Spend fatty liver gently to be able to be done not have any unwell, be spent in or spend fatty liver to be able to feel distended of ache of secret anguish of area of inappetence, lack of power, disgusting vomiting, abdominal distension, diarrhoea, liver, left shoulder and back waits for a symptom again. Although fatty liver is a kind of disease, but dietary cure is the method with principal fatty liver however. Because fatty liver and fat, drink, tall lipemia, diabetic wait for disease closely related, pass dietary adjustment to be able to control these elements not only, still can make fatty liver gets ameliorative directly. The basic principle of cure of drink food therapy includes 3 fields, control sort of dietary amount, reasonable tie-in food namely, correct bad food habit. The fatty liver of different account be caused by has different dietary method again, like fat, tall lipemia, diabetic Ⅱ model wait for nutrition superfluous sex fatty liver, basically be to use reduce dietotherapy standard, namely “ high protein is low the food of fat ” ; And to hidebound or the medicaments, poison fatty liver that bring about, should improve gastric bowel function, reasonable enhance nutrition. Current, general fatty liver basically is nutrition superfluous place is brought about, should note dietary improvement more so. A person got fatty liver, understanding of very normal ground is him adipose eat much, should eat less only some adipose went. This kind of view is incorrect. Cite a case, bonze does not eat commonly adipose, but fat old monk is very much however, this shows human body is adipose originate not just food is adipose. The another big main source with adipose human body is the saccharide that excessive absorbs and change into adipose store rise, so fatty liver patient must restrict carbohydrate alimental intake. Carbohydrate food includes monose (dextrose, fructose) , disaccharide (sucrose) , amylaceous, because this monose, disaccharide all is contraindication. Nutrient expert suggests, in eating protein, 2/3 is vegetable protein, 1/3 is animal albumen. In animal albumen, wait with milk, fish, chicken, egg white, lean lean again give priority to. And what animal albumen suits fatty liver patient more? Optimal animal albumen should be cruelly oppress. Next, rabbit meat contains a lot of8 kinds of human body must amino acid, adipose with cholesterol content very low, and protein, calcic, phosphatide is contained a lot ofto reach all sorts of vitamins in milk, also be one of good food of fatty liver patient. Must notice to eat the food with cholesterol faster content less, for instance head of 100 grams pig contains 3100 milligram cholesterol, it is yoke, pluck and roe, shrimp roe next, 100 grams contain 1705 milligram cholesterol in gallinaceous yoke, and 100 grams bake roe to contain 600 milligram cholesterol, 368 milligram cholesterol is contained in 100 grams pork liver, the cholesterol content of flesh of the ovary and digestive glands of the crab, snail, squid, cuttlefish and animal oil is additionally higher also. Fatty liver patient must abstinence, because alcohol itself causes one of causes of fatty liver namely. Research makes clear, content of the triglyceride inside the liver after normal person drinks can rise 3 to 14 times. If drink to take food at the same time many and adipose, afore-mentioned cases will be more severe. Accordingly, fatty liver patient answers absolutely abstinence, although healthy crowd also wants to restrict drink capacity for liquor, daily absorb alcohol to should not be more than 20 to 30 grams, what should notice is wine kind in endanger to human body with spirited liquor the biggest. The vitamin treats medium action in fatty liver bigger, vitamin A and carotene can prevent and cure fatty liver fiber is changed; Vitamin of B a group of things with common features includes vitamin B2, B6, B12 and nicotinic acid, can prevent fatty liver denaturation, vitamin B12 still conduces to move from liver go adipose; Vitamin C can increase hepatic and alexipharmic capacity, improve hepatic metabolization function; Vitamin E also participates in hepatic adipose metabolization, have protective effect to liver cell. Good dietary convention is very important to fatty liver patient, 1, do not smoke, do not drink, drink tea more. 2, eat salt less, eat dense less sapid food. 3, maintain 8 minutes full, avoid eats and drink too much. 4, staple food wants collocation of degree of finish, have the coarse food grain such as cereal, corn more. 5, eat fresh vegetable and fruit more, especially brunet or green is vegetable. 6, not snack, do not take food taken late at night.

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