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Fry the flesh, careful nutrition is missing
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Animal sex food includes fish, birds, egg, chicken, duck, goose and pig, ox, hotpot to wait. Among them, the animal sex food such as fish, birds, egg, lean lean is vitamin of sex of dissolve of high grade protein, fat and mineral good origin, the amino acerbity composition of the animal sex protein that they contain suits human body to need more. And fat and lard (lardy, cattle is for instance fat wait) for high-energy quantity and fast adipose food, absorb often can cause too much fat, and be the critical factor of certain chronic. Accordingly, " south forefinger of Chinese dweller board " suggest people “ often eats right amount fish, birds, egg, lean lean, eat fat and lard ” less. Frying evaporate to boil optimal operation to have exquisite   is food of sex of which kinds of animal without giving thought to, the cooking method that suits them most is to fry, evaporate, boil these 3 kinds of the simplest methods. Evaporate is very simple, and fry boil have special demand. Fry: Flourishing is precipitant fry   to heat time grows too is the reason with destroy food nutriment the mainest normally. Accordingly, should use flourishing as far as possible on cooking method precipitant fry. Such, can shorten of dish heat time, reduce the loss late of the nutriment in raw material. For example, rich vitamin B1 is contained in pork, if cut pork silk, flourishing is precipitant fry, the loss late of vitamin B1 is 13 % about, and cut agglomerate, stew with slow fire, loss late is 65 % about. Boil: Eat the meat, feed Shang Ge different   is being boiled, boil, stew, when burning, if be given priority to in order to eat the meat, the flesh falls again after can heating water first, make the protein of fleshy surface caky, major oil and protein leave its interior inside the flesh, fleshy flavour is more delicious. If be given priority to in order to feed broth, that leaves the flesh cold water boiler, boil slow with slow fire, so adipose, protein from interior oozy, soup flavour flesh is sweet tangy, nutrition is much better. Deepfry needs to hang paste but also fasten much fry eating   really fragrance is tangy, but because the oil when scamper is lukewarm very tall, the protein in food, adipose, carbohydrate and the vitamin that are afraid of hot easy oxidation can be destroyed, make nutrient value is reduced. The deepfry that hang paste is protection it is nutriment, good to increase a delicate kind method, be in namely before cooking, give food size with starch and egg first, the covering layer of isolation high temperature is formed in food surface, make raw material is not contacted directly with hot oil, reduce nutriment loss, still can make oily not immerge food is in-house, little taste is not easy also outside excessive, mouthfeel also is met more slippery tender delicious. But, even if such, the food of the deepfry that hang paste also cannot eat more. High temperature deepfry contains many propylene acyl amine in amylaceous food (carcinogenic substance) , put in a lot of harm to human body. National Ministry of Public Health suggests: 1. Avoid as far as possible long or high temperature deepfry is amylaceous kind of food. 2. Advocate reasonable nutrition, the balance is prandial, change the dietary habit that deepfry and fast adipose food give priority to, the health that because propylene acyl amine may be brought about,decreases is endangered. Fume bake also harmful vapour bakes a lot of people of feasible   to like to eat particularly fume the food that bake, bake the banger, drumstick that bake for instance. This is pardonable also, fume the food after baking, its surface often has a few distinctive local color. But harmful to human body material can produce after the raw material such as the flesh, fish is baked via fuming, like 3, 4- benzene and the carcinogen such as Bi. So, fuming bowel of barbecue, fish, flesh kind when ought not to fume directly with bright fire bake, usable conduit does hot vapour to bake, had better not add candy to fume bake, if must add candy when, temperature also should be controlled it is under 200 Celsius. Nevertheless, even if with conduit vapour fighting heat is baked, this kind of food still should eat less as far as possible. 1 gram protein produces ◆ of   of   of protein little knowledge the energy of 4 kilocalorie. ◆ compose has 20 kinds of amino acid proteinly into human body. Among them, 9 kinds are indispensible and amino acid. Indispensible and amino acid shows human body cannot be synthesized, must receive gotten amino acid continuously from inside food. These 9 kinds of amino acid are: Acid of ammonia of third of acid of acid of different bright ammonia, bright ammonia acid, ammonia of lysine, egg, benzene, revive acid of ammonia of acid of ammoniac acid, lubricious ammonia, Xie and group ammonia acid. ◆ protein cent is plant sex protein and animal sex protein. Quality of protein of ◆ animal sex good, utilization rate is high, but contain a lot ofsaturated fatty acid and cholesterol at the same time. Utilization rate of plant sex protein is inferior (soja albumen except) , but saturated fatty acid and cholesterol content are relatively inferior. Protein of ◆ animal sex has absorbed many pairs of people harmful, can cause fat, what perhaps quicken calcium to pledge is missing, generation osteoporosis. Protein of ◆ animal sex is absorbed insufficient, can cause hidebound. The egg that ◆ high grade protein points to animal sex protein is medium, grandma, flesh, fish, and soja albumen. ◆ soja and milk contain a lot ofhigh grade protein, answer to advocate what of all kinds crowd adds milk and soja and its product to absorb energetically. What contain in ◆ rice and flour is plant sex albumen. Sheet is used, its protein nutrition value is relatively inferior. Can add the meat kind wait with soja albumen will make up for. This is says protein complementary action.

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