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100 change chaffy dish lights affection cold winter
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To “ for ” of chaffy dish a group of things with common features, dong Laishun has been last year's calendar, piscine head chaffy dish, Sichuan chaffy dish also eats almost, what still can let this winter day pass strong interest of ” of sufficient “ rinse? Actually, new chaffy dish returns much move! The pattern such as all sorts of nourishing chaffy dish, tomato chaffy dish ceaseless face-lifting, and the patent that chaffy dish also is not our Chinese of course, the chaffy dish that comes from different region is more delicate fresh! Chaffy dish of Japanese paper chaffy dish, cheese of the Korea rinse boiler that bake, Switzerland still has chocolate chaffy dish, let “ must be abounded of ” of chaffy dish a group of things with common features too in the winter interesting.
The day type chaffy dish like first love

Japan not only have chaffy dish, and breed is quite much still, if paper chaffy dish, birthday is fond of boiler, sturgeon boiler, salmon boiler, splanchnic boiler,wait a moment. Although their soup bottom is different, but boiler makings reachs the low grease food such as fresh fish to be in the majority with vegetable commonly, in sauce makings respect, also wait for soy, vinegar more. Among them paper chaffy dish is most distinctive: Do chafing dish with paper, be adv unimaginably! The account that paper chaffy dish uses paper is to absorb fleshy grease, make mouthfeel more relaxed and not be bored with. This piece of special paper can boil 3 hours in the boil below high temperature, what absorb foreign matter and fat character to keep soup copy with paper is relaxed, let long boiled food retains originally delicious. This kind of taste be very get the reception that is afraid of fat girl, if you have the beautiful cummer that wants flattery, take her to have Japanese paper chaffy dish, delicate mouthfeel can make a person recall the feeling of first love. Be in Beijing, for instance Jiang Huchuan, beautiful god still has Hua Rong to compare well-known day food store to have paper chaffy dish mostly so. Additional, when having paper chaffy dish, want to put chaffy dish stuff into paper boiler first, drench next on sauce, heat slowly on carbolic ingle, as temperature elevatory, embedded water branch is released gradually inside material, with sauce confluence, the little taste that forms infusion, do not need to dip in additionally sauce is very goluptious.

Multidimensional and healthy tomato chaffy dish

Tomato contains many vitamin, to liking the chaffy dish, person that is afraid of long flesh again for, it can be a right choice. The condiment that adds secret to make with tomato passes long infusion and the soup copy of tomato chaffy dish is made, when bowl end comes up, shang Zhigong is red, thick, bright bright, sending out light tomato is sweet. Take small spoon dip at this moment a foretaste is tasted, soup juice is sterling, sweet mellow, it is the flavour of tomato nature, without the least bit and barpque acidity, appetite was opened immediately. In sunny park Ximen Youjia calls acid of a bamboo basket of a bamboo basket the inn of soup fish chaffy dish, the tomato chaffy dish here added fresh fish in soup, more the bright flavor that added it, such chaffy dish is called ” of chaffy dish of fish of “ acerbity soup, the Beijing flavour with the tradition chaffy dish photograph is compared, the rinse makings of both does not have big distinction, but taste completely different. Traditional Beijing flavour chaffy dish is flesh of clear soup rinse, but hotpot has special smell of mutton, need flavoring will solve; The hotpot that comes out through tomato juice rinse does not have smell of mutton however, dawdle kind dish also did not have earthy smelling of fish, at this moment small dip in expect it is so not important to appear. Acupuncture needle mushroom eats tomato chaffy dish to must be nodded, the flavour of acupuncture needle stay of proceedings that rinse crosses is delicious, glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, there is a light red juice above, evil spirit it is good-looking. Additional, bubble of oily gluten incision is in soup juice one small conference, taste is very good also.
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