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Angelica snake chaffy dish
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? ? Angelica snake chaffy dish advocate treat: Change feed disappear accumulating, carry liver dehumidify. Raw material: Angelica 50 grams, king snake 1, big jujube 10, medlar 20. Condiment: Condiment is purificatory oily 50 grams, ginger 5 grams, garlic 5 grams, green 5 grams, gourmet powder 20 grams, gallinaceous essence 20 grams, cooking wine 20 grams, pepper 5 grams, bai Shang 2500 grams.

The method that make: (1) ginger garlic is abluent, the fingernail that cuts 2 millimeter piece, green cuts contrast of ” of “ horse ear. (2) angelica cuts 1 centimeter thick piece, king snake butcher, go cortical, and splanchnic, first, end, behead grows into 6 centimeters paragraph, water of the quick-boil that enter boiler is scooped. (3) on fire of the buy that fry pan, next oil heat, the garlic that put ginger piece, green, fry sweet, mix into white soup, put a snake paragraph, gallinaceous essence, gourmet powder, cooking wine, pepper, angelica, big jujube, medlar, burn boil, divide float foam, enter chaffy dish basin, appear on the stage can.