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Beijing instant-boiled mutton
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Raw material preparation: Hotpot 1500 grams, chinese cabbage head, vermicelli made from bean starch each 300 grams, dried shrimps 50 grams.

Condiment chooses: Shrimp sauce of leek cauliflower, caraway, fermented bean curd, bittern, vinegar, sweetened garlic, refined salt, gourmet powder, soy each are right amount, xian Shang 2500 grams.

Make reach use process:

1, will delicate hotpot cuts big chip; Way of water of vermicelli made from bean starch is good, cut paragraph; Chinese cabbage choose is washed clean, cut big piece. Each makings loads above respectively dish, go up the desk is stand-by. Caraway choose is good, cut paragraph.

2, cauliflower of shrimp sauce of sesame paste, fermented bean curd, soy, bittern, leek, vinegar, sweetened garlic, caraway paragraph load respectively dish inside, feed for dipping in choose.

3, chaffy dish puts on Xian Shang, put dried shrimps, the desk on ignition, after waiting for the soup inside boiler to burn boil, placing ovine cutlet to be inside boiler with the chopstick rinse, rinse ripe ovine cutlet is dipping in to flavor juice eats. Finally, putting Chinese cabbage, vermicelli made from bean starch into boiler inside, wait when 100 dish, vermicelli made from bean starch is ripe, put refined salt, gourmet powder, soy, fish out can edible.

Finished product characteristic: The flesh is qualitative fresh and tender, not the smell of mutton not gust of tradition of dish of Beijing of department of be bored with.