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Chicken chaffy dish
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The making method of ” of “ chicken chaffy dish (the quantity of 2 people)

1, do makings boiling water first, put a cup of cooking wine boil inside boiler, composition of take out alcohol. Join 3~4 cup next soy and 30 grams are saccharic and agitate divide evenly.
2, cut half onion the lump with 1 wide centimeter; Cut half green vegetables into 5 centimeter to grow; Take flesh of a drumstick, size is cut after take out sticks the oil that involving, grease should use decoct meat, do not want to throw away so. ?
3, preparative chicken bolus. Chamfer wraps, 2 centimeter size cuts after part of take out brim piece, put bowls of big Neibingjia to enter water of two big spoon and an egg, with the hand the divide evenly that knead agitate is mixed. Next, its immigrant mortar is sufficient bruise, rejoin end of 200 grams chicken continues to grind pound, till generation agglutinant, subsequently, join a few pepper, soy to grind once more pound.

4, put iron bowl on fire, the chicken grease that comes down previous eliminate is put into the decoct inside boiler to burn, make grease frit leaves inside boiler.

5, arrange chicken together inside boiler together, rapid barbecue two sides, after chicken color produces change, add the makings boiling water that has done before.

6, join onion and green vegetables, use wet the ladle that crosses water, dip to recuperate good gallinaceous ground meat before, each a round mass of food puts make it boil with weak fire inside boiler. After the flesh inside boiler and dish are thoroughlied cook, can dip in the unripe egg that agitate opens ate.