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Sichuan chaffy dish reachs the method that make
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Introduce a few kinds basic the modulation method of former soup.
(one) red soup, it is soup of typical foundation of Chongqing chaffy dish. This soup use is extensive, major variety all uses Chongqing chaffy dish this soup. Its characteristic is: Mouthfeel is rich, juice thick flavour is thick, hemp is hot dainty, delicacy is sweet time sweet. Red soup recipe and modulation method are very much, each have distinguishing feature. 3 kinds introduce below famouser be mixed by everybody's accepted recipe modulation method, for choosing.
Recipe one:
Clear soup is 1500 grams, arrogant oily 250 grams. Fabaceous valve 100 grams of 150 grams, fabaceous Chi, rock candy section of 15 grams, chili 50 grams, Jiang Mo 50 grams, Chinese prickly ash 10 grams, refined salt 15 grams, cooking wine juice of 30 grams, fermented glutinous rice 100 grams
Recipe 2:
Beef soup is 1500 grams, arrogant oily valve of 200 grams, beans Chi of 125 grams, beans is 25 grams of 45 grams, rock candy, dry chili 50 grams of 25 grams, Jiang Mo, refined salt 10 grams, cooking wine juice of 25 grams, fermented glutinous rice 150 grams
Recipe 3:
Chicken broth is 2000 grams, arrogant oil 250 grams, thick broad-bean sauce 50 grams of 200 grams, fabaceous Chi, rock candy is 50 grams, old ginger 100 grams, garlic is 200 grams, dry chili juice of 100 grams of 10 grams of 25 grams of 25 grams, Chinese prickly ash, refined salt, cooking wine, fermented glutinous rice 100
Above 3 kinds of recipes, what although have a difference,use condiment, but the flavor that red soup of authentic Chongqing chaffy dish basically is after make it.
The specific modulation method of red soup is:
Get on fire of flourishing of the buy that fry pan first, next oil (bovine oil or rape oil) after burning heat, the valve that add a beans, Jiang Pian (Laojiang is patted broken) fabaceous Chi, stir-fry before stewing gives sweet smell and show red, unload boiling water thereafter, juice of flooey of next cooking wine after burning boil, spirit, chili, Chinese prickly ash, salt, rock candy boil make, the juice that need boiling water grumous, aroma hemp of 4 excessive, flavour is hot time sweet when, but dip is used into chaffy dish.
Modulation red soup notices even the following at 2 o'clock: It is the float foam of soup juice surface, with oily lump, must cast aside. Its method is: The back that use spoon is touched gently take, foam letting float is touched go up in small spoon back, next eliminate, lest cast aside oil,drop. 2 it is to want midway to taste flavour. If saline taste is insufficient, extenuatory add salt; If hemp piquancy is not thick, add the valve that nod a beans, Chinese prickly ash, chili again; If too hot or discovery is too salty, can add rock candy or weak boiling water. Flavor via complement, make the flavour of chaffy dish more the requirement that accords with the person that feed, the gust of chaffy dish of more outstanding and authentic Chongqing.
The recipe that introduces above, apply to wine shop of chaffy dish inn, chaffy dish. Average household can use the following and simple and easy recipe:
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