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Small chaffy dish:
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Hair of wool blood flourishing results from Chongqing magnetism implement buccal ancient guard, the name that is Chongqing city is fastfood. Develop further later, develop is extended a lot of have a way, shedding the Mao Xiewang of travel in the market now is 7 stars hillock inn of a chaffy dish develops a kind of when rise small chaffy dish on chaffy dish foundation. What we introduce here is flourishing of blood of wool of 7 stars hillock make a way.

With makings:
Duck blood flourishing 500 grams, eel piece 100 grams, pork 100 grams, ham bowel 150 grams, bright chrysanthemum 50 grams, soya bean bud 150 grams, water sends agaric 50 grams, asparagus lettuce head 100 grams, green Chinese onion 50 grams, refined salt 1 gram, dry chili 15 grams, chinese prickly ash 5 grams, cooking wine 10 grams, gourmet powder 50 grams, chaffy dish footing 3 packets, miscella 50 grams.

The method that make:
1, cut duck blood piece, enter the fish out after boiling water float is boiled; Soya bean bud cuts fibrous root, ham bowel cuts big, pork (fat thin half and half) cut piece, asparagus lettuce head is cut, chrysanthemum is smoked go Sui pistil, dry chili cuts a part.
2, chaffy dish footing leaves with to hydrate, put boil is burned to boil flavour inside boiler, issue refined salt, gourmet powder, put hematic flourishing, eel piece, agaric of hair of bud of ham bowel, cutlet, soya bean, water, green Chinese onion and all sorts of vegetable are boiled in all. Wait for soya bean bud to break boiler of unripe of people of talent to turn into the basin inside.
3, on fire of flourishing of the buy that fry pan, pour miscella to burn to 6 into heat, put chili item flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil to show palm red, blast of next Chinese prickly ash are sweet, drench go up inside the basin desk.

The Shang Zhigong that become dish is bright, hemp is hot very hot tender delicacy, smell thick taste is thick.