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Bring filar duck chaffy dish
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This chaffy dish is the traditional breed in Chongqing chaffy dish, department by famous ” of complete duck of silk of belt of plain dish “ evolves and come. Its Shang Zhixian is bright, duck piece is crisp tender, take silk goluptious, have a distinctive flavour, it is the flavour of the daily life of a family in Chongqing chaffy dish breed.

With makings: (6 people portion)

Young duck 1 (make an appointment with 1500 grams again) duck bowel 150 grams duck's gizzard 6

Duck palm 6 duck blood 250 grams kelp 200 grams

Small white tea 100 grams water sends 100 grams kidney bean agaric 50 grams


Lardy 200 grams soy 25 grams vinegar 15 grams

Salt 15 grams Jiang Pian 25 grams pepper 3 grams

Garlic 15 grams Chinese prickly ash 10 grams gourmet powder 3 grams

Juice of fermented glutinous rice 50 grams

Make a way:

1 , young duck butcher, wool of scald in order to remove hairs or feathers, behead goes sufficient claw, paunch goes splanchnic, enter the float in boiling water boiler, fish out wipe or dab to sop up liquid does moisture, behead becomes about 4 centimeters of square piece. Duck bowel uses knead of vinegar, salt, go mucous, abluent, drop does water. Film of duck's gizzard flay, ji cross spends a knife, stripping and slicing. Duck palm is abluent, go thick skin and ungual head. Duck blood float one water, change to point to. Kelp water has been sent, abluent, transversely becomes filament, the bubble in putting water fish out. Small white tea, agaric parts choose is washed clean, had arranged. Kidney bean is appeared into the float in boiled water boiler, fish out. Above raw material divides duck piece, kelp besides, all install each minutes for two dish on desk, surround chaffy dish all around stand-by.

2, on fire of pressure cooker buy, put lardy burn to 5 into heat, next Jiang Pian, Chinese prickly ash, garlic is fried a few times, duck piece is fried below sweet, add juice of soy, vinegar, salt, pepper, fermented glutinous rice, gourmet powder and divide evenly, enter the boiling water of clear water and float duck, build, gas hind adds a powerful person to boil 20 minutes on, refrigeration hind opens a lid, dip grows into chaffy dish, cast aside go float foam, on desk but soup is fed. Palm of kelp silk, duck, duck's gizzard can issue boiler to boil first, later edible.

Flavour dish matchs Jiang Mo, vinegar, salt to mix divide evenly, his dishful. Want to add soup and condiment in time in eating course.

Note: Kidney bean cannot long float, break unripe can, lest send,fizzle out. The water of float kidney bean is dropped need not. The Shang Xu of float duck should filter to pour pressure cooker again. Kelp transversely filament, should not be too long, otherwise bad to iron feed.