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Chaffy dish thing Jade Hare-the moon
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Flavour of chaffy dish thing Jade Hare-the moon: Salty little taste. Characteristic: Salty Xian Qingxiang, little taste is goluptious. Raw material: Bunny 1, qing Sun 500 grams. Condiment: Purificatory oil 100 grams, gourmet powder 20 grams, ginger 5 grams, garlic 5 grams, green 5 grams, cooking wine 20 grams, pepper 5 grams, bai Shang 3000 grams.

The method that make: (1) bunny butcher goes first, cortical, splanchnic, foot, abluent, behead becomes 4 centimeters of square piece, enter stockpot quick-boil water in order to go bloody flavour, scoop. (2) Qing Sun goes cortical, cut small, abluent, load chaffy dish tub stand-by. (3) on fire of the buy that fry pan, put oil to heat, garlic issueing ginger piece, green, rabbit meat, fry sweet, mix into white soup, put gourmet powder, cooking wine, pepper, burn boil, boil 10 minutes, divide float foam, enter the chaffy dish basin that contains bamboo shoot having blueness, appear on the stage can