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Milk chaffy dish
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Milk chaffy dish already but full the luck to eat sth delicious won't suffer from excessive internal heat, return at the same time can moist intestines and stomach and moist skin.

First will gallinaceous piece stirs earthenware pot inside, gallinaceous piece rolls in earthenware pot as milk, frankincense down steam to all around diffuse. Fish out is firm ripe chicken piece, in placing to send the entry, thick frankincense fills oral cavity immediately, chicken slips tender, glibly is lubricant, relaxed, need not dip in at all spice, pardonable full desk does not see sauce makings small dish, those who be present is straight cry absolutely. The Chinese cabbage that has boiled with milk is to cry more absolutely, not only exquisite and tender, Qing Dynasty is sweet Xian Shuang, local color is distinctive, and feel very clear in the mouth after eating embellish. It is the flesh no matter kind, still be greengrocery, or is stay of proceedings kind with powdery face kind, after had been boiled in milk, taste besides having thick frankincense taste, the flesh of raw ingredient ——— that all withheld raw material kind fleshy flavour is more outstanding; Green vegetables is more dark green bright is fragile; Originally tender slippery dried mushrooms, after the “ bath ” that passes milk, more show tender slippery, tongue and tooth a bit not careful, allow meeting glide throat at a draught, fall into a stomach in; By the bright oyster after ” of milk “ ablution, more fruity and plump, be full of flexibility tastily. A hour went, the chicken in earthenware pot milk, pork, beef, bright oyster is so tender still slip, not at all “ old ” .

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