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Chaffy dish inn walks along inn of roasted seeds and nuts of sales promotion cou
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Sorching summer, the goods with a lot of popular winter and industry, this moment entered state of “ refrigerant ” . No matter be meal course of study or garment industry, as a result of seasonal reason, always be a few jubilate a few anxious. Face the order of nature of this one business circles, a lot of businessmen racked the brains.

Lost a hiemal hot occasion, the inn of each chaffy dish of lake city begins to cool gradually in the summer. For this, operator thought of “ is away for the summer holidays ” method. Last noon, reporter in the lake the inn of chaffy dish of small fat sheep of road of city bank river sees, inside inn hall full. The Xu manager of old hall tells a reporter, compare with winter photograph, although the client reduced close in part, but appeared on the market in Hong Kong June as the company, famous degree rise greatly, this is explicit eat 100 send the mobile action of 100, passenger source is measured relatively be the same as season before or present ascendant trend. And on park road plain city of sweet building chaffy dish, also chose sales promotion means to add person energy of life. According to chief piece the director says, it is relatively gloomy that summertime business posture compares winter, customer volume occupies a hiemal only 6 into, their basically should be to plan in August end does a large sales promotion activity, to receive the high and level tone of incoming start shooting of busy season.

Besides meal course of study, come with sales promotion method “ is away for the summer holidays of ” still eider down takes a shop. Grow according to inn of brand shop king in lake city Ai Lai tell a reporter, at present besides 5 to sixfold discount outside, still will hold activity of large fulfil guest during the Olympic Games. In the meantime, because manufacturer also manufactures summer clothing, accordingly, the trade that Ai Lai depends on brand shop is total and character is in this summer is not gloomy. Opposite at brand shop, eider down of underground of spark dress edifice takes the monopolistic business of the city to basically be aimed at the state of mind of ” of consumer “ good low, the way that takes low discount will attract public eyeball, the discount is in mostly 3 fold the left and right sides, partial eider down is taken even line out lowest 30 yuan low, sales volume also greets small climax.

In lake city street, before store of a lot of roasted seeds and nuts that sell candy to fry chestnut change his profession in the summer sell had cold drink. “ is entered by April, the client is little, supply of goods was broken, so with respect to resell cold drink. Ms. Yang tells the merchant of inn of roasted seeds and nuts that ” lake city watchs Feng Xiti the reporter.

With above these industry postures are compared, cleaners entered “ aestivation period ” . Be located in road of dragon brook north bank river cleaners, ms. Chen tells merchant the reporter to a lot of cleaners are in by May at the beginning of June to the middle ten days of a month can choose to suspend doing business in November, like cleaners such “ half an year heats up ” , appear off-season it is the issue that cannot avoid.
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