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Chongqing chaffy dish: 5 years thrust appears on the market twice
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Small fat sheep appears on the market in harbor cause Chongqing chaffy dish to think over

On June 12, sheep of Inner Mongolia small fertilizer appears on the market in Hong Kong. “ chaffy dish the first ” is not appear in chaffy dish Chongqing, appear in Inner Mongolia however, association of our city chaffy dish says yesterday about chief, this remembers a slap on the face to enterprise of our city chaffy dish. Recall a painful experience, enterprise of a few large chaffy dish of our city decides to look for accurate inadequacy, learn to small fat sheep, strive to foster enterprise of two chaffy dish to appear on the market inside 5 years.

To learn experience of success of small fat sheep, he Yongzhi of chairman of association of Chongqing chaffy dish says, before enterprise of our city chaffy dish expedites 3 delegates before this, toward small fertilizer the sheep makes an on-the-spot investigation.

The enterprise should learn to do subtraction

Participate in the Li Dejian of heart bank president that make an on-the-spot investigation and learns small fat sheep to say, after looking around, oneself were not asleep overnight become aware. Why? Small fat sheep does him only most be good at, others is all outside the bag is done to professional corporation, as a result makes progress at can vacating time.

De Zhuang had had many 100 to join in now inn, dan Lide is built think oneself are too foolish, because still grind pancake of face, bag in oneself, each link are so busy that each link cannot leave hand in. Actually, enterprises of many Chongqing chaffy dish also are same, oneself fry footing, oneself are planted Chinese prickly ash, oneself establish construction group to do decorated these …… link to be able to disperse completely take others to do, should learn to small fat sheep, should center advantage military strength to be broken through in 9 respects.

As we have learned, of small fat sheep advocate business Wu is set up shop, 2 it is to sell hotpot, other very much link divides a bag to go out to let professional corporation do. Social division of labor is more careful, the enterprise should do subtraction more, contract the part that is not core content as far as possible go out to be done to others.

Finance affairs is not simple avoid duty

Speak of small fat sheep to appear on the market, lu Wenbing result cannot do not have the CEO of group of small fat sheep of perfectness finance affairs, many 20 wind is cast at that time negotiate with small fat sheep, but small later fat sheep chose the most appropriate.

Li Dejian says, also a lot of wind are cast talk with oneself, but speak of do not know this later from what respect proceed with, as a result of too not professional, the enterprise also does not have this kind of professional, lost a lot of opportunity accordingly probably. He also wants recruit accordingly a Wen Bing resembling Lu such financial ace, stand in the height that the company grows, think of the problem of square field surface.
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