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De Zhuang of chaffy dish Id is gotten first times
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Report from our correspondent a few days ago, group of bank of our city heart is brand-new footing of monochromatic ” chaffy dish obtains the “ blueness that roll out chaffy dish industry ”—— of first “ Id is newest technology of graph of dactylogram of chaffy dish gust, but the dactylogram attempt that essence of life follows to trace all sorts of brand chaffy dish, make the chaffy dish of different brand has unique id card thereby.

A few days ago, southwest university falls in support of city committee of science and technology, take the lead in grinding in the whole nation the technology of ” of “ dactylogram graph that gave out characteristic of line of chaffy dish hemp, will hot, can bright, perfume to realize technical index to quantify. This technology uses the 4 big flavour of chaffy dish technical index to quantify, make a collection of illustrative plates of omnibus dactylogram of chaffy dish flavour. If the dactylogram of colleague body is general, the dactylogram a collection of illustrative plates of brand of different chaffy dish also is unique.

City committee of science and technology says, after having a collection of illustrative plates of chaffy dish dactylogram, brand of each conflagration boiler can allocate chaffy dish footing accurately with this, the standard cook that presses a collection of illustrative plates gives the delicate chaffy dish with every boiler same local color, brand of implementation chaffy dish is in the world the oneness of each district, what keep brand local color is old and changeless.

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