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Xu Yuan comes home to eat chaffy dish to pass a strong interest first
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Dispatch of China dragon net (reporter Yong Li) yesterday afternoon, yuan of Chongqing girl Xu seizes the opportunity to return home town after journey of end Olympic Games, the teachers and students of tens of renown relatives and friends and elementary school of alma mater coral hurries to the airport to receive, after the spot awaits the citizen know the inside story of machine, queue up to wait in succession see this women football heroine. As we have learned, this, xu Yuan general is controlled 10 days in Chongqing rest and reorganization.

The mother-in-law is tearful wait for granddaughter

Afternoon, reporter and teachers and students of coral elementary school hurried to the airport together, small division younger sister people prepared gift —— meticulously still the clip clip of one Ben Xuyuan photograph and news. Zhong Min of president of coral elementary school says, promise to want to do coach of team of school women football when Xu Yuan returned alma mater March, school women football has been established now rose, sufficient have many 30 athlete.

18 when 47 minutes, second airliner arrives at the CA1409 that the Beijing that Xu Yuan takes flies to Chongqing, xu Yuan parents and other more than 50 family members stand in mouth giving a station anxiously, coral elementary school played greeting banner, a few citizens are initiative stop offal pace, the hope sees the elegant demeanour of forward of women football brunt.

To receive granddaughter, mother-in-law climax precious of 73 years old disregards a foot to hurt just, specially comes. Tall mother-in-law is tearful say, oneself take care of Xu Yuan to arrive 3 years old with one's own hands, granddaughter goes out every time training makes him very afraid, “ is a female baby after all, be afraid that she is being hurt. ”

“ came out, came out! Xu Yuan came out! A suit of ” Xu Yuan is recreational dress up pushing a case to go. Maternal Shen Qin rushs forward instantly, hold a daughter in arms closely, aside division younger sister people served a flower instantly, the citizen is initiative applause rise. Xu Yuan sees receive the family member of machine and teacher very glad, not the dwelling place says a thank.

Abdomen of chaffy dish wool is the most delicious

Issued a plane to be not considered on come home, the heart village chaffy dish that Xu Yuan drives Na Bin road to to go up together with family wants wolf. Be afraid of before “ eat chaffy dish to affect the match, this match was over, can make her very delicious. Heart of ” father Xu says completely, kin friend still had Xu Yuan's classmate to come that day, sat fully 12 desks.

Having chaffy dish, xu Yuan persistently cry delicious. “ wool abdomen had better eat, but eat,be less than in Shanghai and Beijing, I come back this the first wish has chaffy dish namely, and should eat enough. ” Xu Yuan expresses, this paragraph of him time wants to take a rest well, had agreed a lot of classmates shop together, amuse oneself.
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