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Chongqing builds " after 12 years 3 city of " China chaffy dish leaves this year
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After 4 years, center of trade of upper reaches of growing river of form of our city general is main frame; After 12 years, the our city will become upper reaches of the Yangtse River to shop, of Chinese cate, western can exhibit. Yesterday, routine make a joint checkup views municipal government passed " about accelerating trade the decision of current development (send go over a manuscript or draft) " .

  Total volume of retail sales should be achieved 1 trillion

Press this decision, to 2012, 0 amount will amount to our city company 350 billion yuan, commodity sells amount 900 billion yuan, the trade business of 1 billion yuan of above 34. To 2020, shop, of cate, can exhibit after building, 0 amount achieve our city agency 1 trillion, commodity sale amount is 2.5 trillion.

In those days, think of area of upper reaches of the Yangtse River to shop, everybody can come Chongqing; Mention Chinese cate, everybody can think of Chongqing; In western do exhibit meeting, chongqing is the first choice of the businessman.

  City of Chinese chaffy dish leaves this year build

The our city will finish pair of “ cate this year ” builds a program, city building of cate of chaffy dish of the China that start is set. Develop the stress Yu Pachuan chaffy dish of dish, Chongqing, civilian snack of breakfast, Chinese style, gust is fastfood with community meal. In the meantime, recommend company of business of 10 foreign capital this year, 32 worlds celebrated brand, accelerate stone of billiards of — of Jiang Beicheng of emancipatory tablet — construction of area of the business affairs central.

Enlarge of level ground international exhibition center is allowed south

The our city will plan special fund every year, support can postpone economic development. Start extend of Na Ping international exhibition center as soon as possible, the meeting such as airport of north of the change that start and water of big sufficient dragon postpones the plan and construction of place. Around exhibit a house to deserve to build a batch of high-grade office building, apartment, hotel to wait, assemble the service line of business such as a batch of plans, design, advertisement. This year, the our city should be built can exhibit place 50 thousand square metre, can exhibit direct income 800 million yuan.

  Build terminal market of a batch of whole nations

In addition, the our city will be accelerated breed national wait with market of regional commodity terminal market, factor of production. Be in advocate dried fruit of plan and construction of the city zone, mountain products is distributing center center; In area of 3 gorge library content of material of the Chinese traditional medicine that start circulates city of commerce of center, farming division and fluid of food other people is the market construction such as the project.

The our city still will increase area county development, construction to save market of characteristic of time limit trade. In addition, financial department should support trade actively current job project, urge fund of of all kinds venture capital investment to trade current job domain invests, establish trade actively current assure company.
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