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Chongqing chaffy dish holds challenge of directly of chaffy dish of characterist
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Reporter gold aid reports: In last few years, because suit the appetite of fierce the Han people, the chaffy dish inn of Wuhan is increasing, the chaffy dish that can come from Chongqing held half of country.

Yesterday, the Wu Ling of —— of chaffy dish of green of health care of the first preserve one's health that Chongqing person invents Shan Zhen, in Chinese mouth start business of a yuan of distance. Before this, still the Chongqing brand chaffy dish such as Mom of De Zhuang, the Qin Dynasty is in Wuhan set up shop, the business is very thriving.

The characteristic of Chongqing chaffy dish is chaffy dish footing flavour is delicious, hemp is hot hold appropriate concurrently, add special condiments, add new taste for the citizen. Nevertheless, chongqing chaffy dish also reforms somewhat in Wuhan. Like Wu Ling the characteristic of hill precious chaffy dish left namely hemp hot mouthfeel, with 100 kinds feral bacterium dish is boiled make, one pannikin charges one person oneself, sample ” of soup of Oriental demon of delicate bright sweet “ . Dietary expert introduces, this also shows Wuhan person to have chaffy dish, pay attention to ecology preserve one's health and health more and more.

Expert analysis, because the chaffy dish culture of Chongqing is of long standing and well established, the chaffy dish industry of Wuhan grows, also firmly makes next Chongqing brand. Nevertheless in last few years, the characteristic chaffy dish of Wuhan oneself, prawn of the stew that be like oil, also develop swift and violent, have the power that challenges Chongqing chaffy dish greatly, give Wuhan citizen more option.