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Astral father plays the part of bicycle hand to maintain table leg to carry cumm
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Zhou Xing gallop rider of a suit bicycle dresses up leave dining room.
Yu Wenfeng leaves dining-room hour trace cap depress.
Astral father draws on abundant field seat coach to carry beloved bicycle first. The Zhou Xing that all along likes to ride a bicycle gallop overnight (16 days) show body Hong Kong with car hand model, at Wen Feng with cummer dish of city having tide celebrates a person of extraordinary powers curtilage get off one's hands profiteers. Zhou Xing gallop the head is helmet of form of Dai Liu line, big surround glasses and sneaker, short sleeve of full division young mixes supplement athletic pants, quite eccentric.

Astral father arrives at restaurant by bike first that evening, drive with proper motion present Yu Wenfeng “ maintains table leg ” . Father of the star after eating arranges a driver to drive bicycle of his baby-sitter car carry away first, after 5 minutes, a single person is strange go ahead of the rest of formative star father walks out of restaurant, get into the taxi immediately. Interesting is, although hit, astral father still insists to wear helmet, have the distinguishing feature of the head that do not have li of astral father as expected.

It is reported, the star as form of a address for an official or rich man recently with work off of 375 million yuan of high price one a person of extraordinary powers curtilage, this a person of extraordinary powers that is located in Hong Kong summit is the denounce he is 4 years ago curtilage endowment 320 million buy, build 4 independent house again, an independent house calls in nowadays cost,

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