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Chongqing is built " city of Chinese chaffy dish " make cate
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Xinhua net Chongqing on September 16 report (reporter Zhu Wei) reporter recently from Chongqing municipal government the know on standing meeting, since this year, chongqing starts construction of ” of city of “ China chaffy dish formally, develop Yu Pachuan mainly chaffy dish of dish, Chongqing, civilian snack of breakfast, Chinese style, gust is fastfood with community meal, be about to make Chongqing “ cate ” .

As we have learned, chongqing will dig folk further dish Meat and fish dishes, assemble country course is, form rich food to taste a system. In the meantime, chongqing highlights Ba Yuwen to change characteristic, promote meal culture grade, strengthen meal talent to foster, hard compose builds the suits meal culture with cate.

Chongqing town business appoint director Zhou Keqin says, to 2012, meal business amount realizes 50 billion yuan, meal site adds 10 thousand newly, reach 750 thousand person from personnel of course of study, build market of cate of class of 20 street of cate of 10 city of cate of Chinese chaffy dish, China, city; Assess wineshop of 100 states level, contend for achieve 3 - 5 well-known logo, 15 famous label, preliminary form Chinese “ cate the basic frame of ” . To 2020, build reveal cate of the world of Chongqing meal characteristic, assemble, reveal multivariate the Chinese “ of contented and culture, diverse demand of cate ” .