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Shenyang Great Eastern staple food "best in the world of jade pot"
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September 28, 2009, Big East food market in Shenyang staged magic mushroom hotpot banquet. Surprisingly, the eight masters of Chinese co- production of fungus food pot, place known as "the best in the world of jade pot" where After cooking, Sunny radiance, causing the audience's interest. Eight complimentary drink instant pan the audience "destroy." "Best in the world of jade pot" where the magic? When the weight of 3.8 tons of jade pot exposed Lushan True, the crowd in an uproar. An exclusive interview with this reporter jade pot maker in Biao general manager, opened a "best in the world of jade pot" little-known secret. "Fantastic" idea narrowly escaped burst After many setbacks informed reporters, one day out of the group of more than 20 jade plant "mystery man" is a Big East food market planning team to visit the jade factory Xiuyan another clever in order to complete the planning case. The Planning case is even more shocking, Big East non-staple food to make a giant pot of jade. In China, Xiuyan well known, after the first choice for production of jade pot. Thus, non-staple food by the Big East, general manager of King Dove led the planning team in March of this year Xiuyan, visited to seek cooperation in various jade plant For. However, the Big East non-staple food of the wise planning - making a giant pot of jade greater degree of difficulty, when the team into the jade factory, the factory in order to "make such a big pot of jade, purely whimsical" for the By the refusal of cooperation. Carries the disturbed feelings, Big East non-staple food planning team into the Xiuyan Xinhua jade plant, Liangmingshenfen and had come after the owner of this jade plant in Biao as to any other jade plant refused to cooperate, but showed An excited state. The boss know, to help Big East non-staple food to achieve this plan, it is also jade plant Xinhua opportunity to go down in history. After three hours of discussion, make a 2 meters high, 1.4 meters in diameter, the circumference of 4.4 meters, weighs 3.8 tons of "best in the world of jade pot" program which finalized. Eight chefs were cooking, "a soup" As the "best in the world of jade pot" come out of the "initiator" non-staple food of the Big East again this clever plan is impressive. Why should production of "best in the world of jade pot", has become the focus of attention. Yesterday Japan, Xu Gang, the mystery in the second session of the vegetables at the show to be opened. Very eye-catching jade pot 28, after opening Big East food market, consumers are found in the supermarket this 2 meters high, 1.4 meters in diameter, the circumference of 4.4 meters, weighs 3.8 tons of "best in the world of jade pot." The reporter saw that "the world First jade pot "emerald green overall presentation, appearance and other carved out of a cloud pattern, internally divided into eight cells. Lid made of jade, with a rope hanging in the lifting device. Citizens have in the pot before the crowd and talking about jade, "which is valid and do ah? Gnaw it so nice?" "This is a jade do? So bright." Many people are still making beautiful pictures taken before the jade pot. 10, Big East non-staple food Xu Gang, the second exhibition started selling vegetables. The use of jade was announced pot off the original Big East food market has produced the "best in the world of jade pot" is used for cooking wild mushrooms Soup. Jade pot cooking with dishes that do? For this question, general manager of Xiuyan Xinhua jade plant Biao replied, thousands of years ago, the ancients had used jade as food containers, just as expensive, so Ordinary people can not enter the home. Research shows that by cooking food containers made of jade, can fully maintain the nutritional level and tasty degrees, and also through changes in water quality jade this feature, and makes the food very Its delicious. Wild Mushroom material for cooking "Jade cooking soup, is the Big East non-staple food production" best in the world of jade pot "of the mind." Jiro Wang Dove food market, general manager, told reporters, in order to enable the public to enjoy their delicious soup for free, non-staple food Big East Shopping specialized from Yunnan, Sichuan, Jilin and Heilongjiang, purchasing dozens of species of wild fresh bacteria. North wind bacterium, Huang Hu palm, milk pneumoniae, black porcini, red onion bacteria, blue head ... ... the precious fungus, rare species of wild strains put fresh food market in the Big East in the sale area, the ultra-low price of the sale. According to the Solution, these wild strains are growing at an altitude of about 2000 m -4000 m zone, succulent fruit, different taste, aroma, and its price is artificially mushroom nutrition can not be compared. In addition to the unique taste can bring people outside, Wild Mushroom also contains amino acids and other inorganic salts and trace elements. Therefore, these "poor origin," fresh wild strain has also become the second "best in the world of jade pot" material of choice for cooking soup. Eight chefs battle Qi Made a stunning "best in the world of jade pot", and got a rare glimpse of wild Mushroom, Big East non-staple food again with their extraordinary influence and appeal, the Chinese master chef Mr. Liu Guodong hired as the event General counsel, invited eight master chef cooking a pot of public taste delicious, nutrient-rich wild mushroom soup. Big East non-staple food in the Xu Gang, the second exhibition started selling vegetables at the same time, eight master chef started in the 8 box jade pot, each into different culinary tastes of Wild Mushroom Wild Mushroom soup. Shenyang Rose Cooking Master Grand Hotel Li Woming Termitomyces soup, known Cuiwan Kai Yue Wan Restaurant, head master of cooking Huang Lai strain soup, fruit Kanto movie master cooking for the elderly are the first bacteria Hui Tang, Xu Zhao Feng sea fishing master cooking delicious beef liver Strain soup, Chufeng Qing Lin hotel pool master of cooking milk mixture bacteria LIU Xin Tang, Fushun in Northeast Yucai cooking schools master of the north wind bacterium Shao Yu Tang, Shenyang International Hotel of Bike Jun Rayon master cooking morel soup, Guangdong, five love Group Products Xiang Xuan restaurants of yellow cooking onions Masters exhibition bacteria soup. With the hot pot heated jade, rich flavor keep the pot from the jade came out, attracted people who have stopped looking for the source of smell. Thousands of people drink "soup" After the opening ceremony, eight master chef cooking soup eight strains are "baked", dishing out soup masters have to let the public have free tasting. In this crowd of people who can not wait to take over a bowl of wild mushroom bowl Soup, taste and makes up. The public side of the drink, while kept nodding recognition of these soup. Zhao, 56, is known to drink restaurant Cuiwan Kai Yue Wan Huang Lai, head master of bacteria cooking soup, taste kept after Ms. Zhao said, "so big, is the first time such a delicious soup to drink, or use jade pot Made out of the soup! This taste really 'fresh'! "Then, Ms. Zhao consulted to Cuiwan Kai cooking soup master secret as long as the master in the heat obtained can cook a delicious soup bacteria reply, she purchased at the scene pound yellow Lai wild Mushroom, prepared for family cooking a pot of delicious soup bacteria. Ten minutes later, the jade pot cooking out of eight master Wild Mushroom soup is delicious thousands of people, "a drink and light", the citizens of these eight delicious Wild Mushroom soup was full of praise, many people enjoy had bacteria Soup also have sold within the supermarket to buy fresh wild strains, ready for home cooking delicious hand-bacteria soup. Consecutive 4-day low price of jade pot soup From tomorrow, the eight Chinese masters continue to be based Great Eastern Dining food market, producing "best in the world jade hot pot soup." People's love for the Liaoning-Shenyang, organizers decided to sell low-priced 4-day rotation with rich nutritional value Jade hot pot soup. Jade pot soup turned out, it set off people's interest in Wild Mushroom, buying an endless stream. Long-term consumption of dry cell and artificial bacteria, not the people's active choice, but because of the limitations of preservation technology over the years a last resort. Therefore, the vast majority of wild-Chen Cheng almost do not know how the taste of fresh fungi Gradually formed on awareness and acceptance of dry bacteria, but the wild is the unique quality of fresh bacteria has long been covered up and ignored. This time, the Big East non-staple food the way from Yunnan and Sichuan to purchase Wild Mushroom, for citizens to provide a guarantee for health. Xu Gang, selling vegetables in the second exhibition, dozens of species of wild strains will be the low price of Foreign Fresh Sales, field people off buying binge. Wild Mushroom sales in the Big East non-staple food cheap 28, dozens of growth at an altitude of 2000 m -4000 m region of the wild bacteria in fresh food market in Shenyang Great Eastern sales region. These "planes" to sink, fresh wild bacteria, not only the succulent fruit, aroma, You can cook a delicious soup of bacteria and Wild Mushroom also contains amino acids and other inorganic salts and trace elements, able to provide rich nutrients the human body. It is understood that the complex topography of Yunnan, a wide variety of forest types, soil types and the unique climatic conditions, gave birth to the rich resources of wild edible mushrooms. In order for the public in Shenyang to this delicious taste Yunnan Wild Mushroom-known enterprises - Na Qi Lu Feng, Chairman Yan Yongsheng processing of agricultural products in person carrying dozens of rare wild Mushroom, food market in the Big East within the low-cost sales. Next, the Microorganisms in the wild will also fresh food market products into the Big East sales, to satisfy the public consumption of wild fungi are the needs of the four seasons.