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32-year-old veteran Shane Battier sick pot 38 minutes hard fighting to reverse
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December 8 reports: Sean - Shane Battier is very fashionable, when the Union has recently stirred up a nameless virus infection after the incident, he "lucky" to get sick, and in before the start of the game, he was transferred can not be played. But this old friend Tracy McGrady's return to war, he eventually chose to be ill appearance, the audience data does not match his high, played 38 minutes, shot 3 contributions 4 7 points and 2 rebounds. But the key moment of his impressive performance frequently, before halftime he called Hamilton a cover highlights of the game, the ball is what angered the other received two fouls penalized directly appearance, the Rockets eventually won 97-83. In fact, as early as yesterday, there had been an intestinal infection spread by the news of Shane Battier, Rockets and thus he missed the day's training. Today he is to produce a flu-like symptoms, two patients under attack, people had to worry about his physical condition. But he still played, and so far this season, 21 games, he did not miss a. Battier career in the first 7 season, he missed most of the year, there is only 3 games. Have played as long as possible, Battier has always been dedicated to appear in the game. Of course, here I must mention also the reason the Rockets lack of people there up front, although this season has been questioned Battier too old, but his playing time remained stable, averaging 30 minutes, of which there are 2 games to 40 minutes. Substitute striker weak performance of the rocket case, that he insisted the team had been suffering III-bit, over the past 9 games he has scored in double 7. Against the Pistons, Shane Battier in the physical strain will be reduced, because the opponents II and III position respectively Richard - Hamilton and Tai Xiaoen - Prince, both of whom are lean-type figure, but they also have experience in many venues, they play more of a brain. But in the game, Shane Battier is proved, if we are all brain-type player, he does not strive. Affected due to illness, Shane Battier of the game appear to be relatively low-key, but in some details, we can see his wisdom. The most typical in a shot 36 seconds before halftime, the Pistons started the break, Hamilton took the ball alone, rushed forward, Shane Battier rapid follow-up the sidelines, seeing Hamilton will layup , and Shane Battier first jump, but it was the other flash. Funny thing happened, just as they will, but after the moment the wrong body, Shane Battier in the air, turn around and re-exploration of the hand to the ball to Hamilton brushed care. Faced with such a sudden and cover, Hamilton seemed a bit can not accept, and immediately complained against the judge, the result can be imagined, that he can receive 2 technical fouls is ejected. And Battier, what he is a calm and smiling face, and sometimes, when a killer is not a mighty force to stop independence, such as Shane Battier so died in the land caused by laughing In fact, even more terrible. Section 7 minutes 02 seconds, the piston will be left behind catch up only 3 points difference, Battier, Tracy McGrady's man defense to face decisive choice breakthrough, moving his left hand trying to steal each other's hand Jiazhu, and then to the restricted area near each other when the first broke with the body center of gravity, and jump shots, the result after the shooting caused an additional fine. During this time, a wave of rocket hit a 7-0 spurt, and then slowly opened the score and eventually win.