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Turnip and agaric cannot chaffy dish of a rinse
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Hotpot sex is tepid, eat much easy get angry, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to “ to heat up the dietotherapy method of cold ” , accordingly, had better match when instant-boiled mutton some of cool sex and the vegetable of Gan Ping sex.

The vegetable of cool sex has heart of lotus root of stay of proceedings of wax gourd, towel gourd, cole, spinach, Chinese cabbage, acupuncture needle, dawdle, lotus, wild rice stem, bamboo shoot, dish to wait commonly; And the vegetable that yam, potato, Xianggu mushroom is Gan Ping sex.

Cauline leaf kind vegetable is like rape, a variety of Chinese cabbage, spinach to wait, contain vitamin C and carotene to abound commonly, the time of best rinse is some shorter, can destroy among them nutrition material otherwise. Oxalic acid is contained in spinach, the absorption of the calcium in can cloggy food, iron, had better not mix for long other edibles a rinse, summary scald OK. The root tuber such as turnip, carrot, taro, potato kind vegetable, because contain rich crude fibre, nutrient loss is little, the time when rinse can grow a few.

In addition, a variety of food when rinse chaffy dish eat together, hard to avoid creates a few food tie-in and undeserved, when eating, must notice to avoid. For instance, agaric does not eat again when rinse turnip, an edible may bring about both dermatitis; It is the very popular vegetable in rinse chaffy dish tomato patch, but, if regard the fruit after eat as banana, may bring about facial unripe spot.