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A few kinds when eat chaffy dish to be nodded surely " makings "
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A dish of yam should nod when having chaffy dish: We know the flesh kind food is acidity food, and yam is alkalescent food, both in entering a stomach OK soda acid is counteracted, soda acid balance maintains in order to make inside our body.

Some of vegetable can put more in boiler: Vegetable contains a large number of vitamins and chlorophyll, its sex slants more cold cool, can eliminate not only fat, vitamin of compensatory winter human body is insufficient, the action; that still has fire of cool and refreshing, alexipharmic, dispel but vegetable is not long boil, will lose the effect of major nutrition value and clear fire otherwise.

Right amount put some of bean curd: Some bean curd contain gesso, put bean curd appropriately inside chaffy dish, can complement not only of a variety of microelement absorb, and still can develop gesso Qing Dynasty fire of hot have diarrhoea, except irritated, stop thirsty action.

Can add some of Bai Lian: Bai Lian contains a lot ofa variety of nutriment not only, also be the fine medicine that human body attune fills. Affiliation Bai Lian had better not be smoked abandon lotus seed heart, because lotus seed heart has the effect of fire of clear hot have diarrhoea.

Want to put bit of ginger: Ginger can flavor, fight cold, the drop should be put inside chaffy dish not the ginger of flay, because Jiangpixin is cool, have medicinal powder fire removes hot effect.

In addition, after having chaffy dish, can drink some ferment model yoghurt. Yoghurt can have certain protection effect to gastric mucous membrane already, can promote again digest.

The thickness that masters Gorgon euryale juice has key

Hua Yang

Generally speaking, the thickness of Gorgon euryale juice is main should the characteristic according to different cook method, different dish masters neatly.

Thick Gorgon euryale: Thick gravy of the dish after thick Gorgon euryale ticks off Gorgon euryale namely is stiffer, by its property differs to be able to divide the Gorgon euryale that it is a bag and burnt Gorgon euryale again two kinds.

(1) wraps Gorgon euryale: Powdery juice is the stiffest, its action is to make stiff juice wraps raw material to go up entirely, multi-purpose at exploding, fry a method, for example: “ oil explodes double fragile ” , “ fries ” of scalloped pork or lamb kidneys, “ to cluck ” of sweet shredded meat of fish of old flesh ” , “ tick off thick Gorgon euryale. After this kind of dish is eating, dish in do not see thick gravy almost.

(2) papers Gorgon euryale: Powdery juice compares packet of Gorgon euryale slightly rare, its action is to make the Shang Zhicheng of dish is thin mushy, achieve soup dish confluence, taste is grumous and silky requirement, multi-purpose at braise dish, if “ fries shredded meat of eel burnt ” , “ mashed ” . If this kind of dish does not tick off Gorgon euryale, criterion Shang Cai is detached, taste is thin.
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