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The cleanness of material of note appliance course that has chaffy dish is fresh
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Gouty patient:

Avoid shrimp of seafood, fish, appropriate is alkalescent food, although very much gouty patient did not show the gouty symptom such as articulatory gall, but have “ however phenomenon of 4 tall ” () of acid of tall blood fat, hypertensive, tall blood sugar, tall hematuria, check convention of kidney result, hematuria right now, often uric acid content is very high. These patients should keep away from when rinse chaffy dish or have flesh of flocks and herds of seafood, pig, pork liver, fish less (especially fish of pilchard, silver carp, herring) , ostracean, fungus (like dawdle) etc contain purine faster food. Sick at heart of blood in the urine is high person when having chaffy dish, if reach all sorts of greenery vegetable to balance soda acid tomato patch,choose a few alkalescent food more, still but rinse low purine of a few since is alkalescent food, wait like taro. Additional, gouty patient most avoid drinks beer to have chaffy dish at the same time at the same time, although have atmosphere very much, very “ appetizing ” , but one cold the stimulation of one heat, can harm a stomach not only, and purine is contained in beer taller, still can make acid of blood in the urine elevatory.

Liver nephrosis patient:

Grease of 2 two flesh, 25 grams is upper limit. Intake of a day of grease had better not exceed normal person 25 grams, but the fat content in boiler of factual get angry is very high, often a chaffy dish exceeds this amount possibly. Additional, chaffy dish footing is boiled repeatedly, the likelihood boils the soup taste that give to compare delicacy, but produce a large number of nitrite easily, very big to human body harm. Person a day of 2 two flesh are enough, this amount often can exceed when boiler of people scald thin slices of meat in boiling water, harmful to normal person even, it is chronic patient what is more,the rather that, be like patient of disease of chronic liver kidney, eat overmuch meat kind metabolization of kidney of can farther aggravating liver, cleared burden, cause have a recurrence of an old illness.


Union of element of meat or fish, fasten partiality for a particular kind of food. The diabetic eats chaffy dish to have an error, or dare not eat the meat, or is onefold the choice falls blood sugar food, escape contains candy to measure relative to faster food. For instance, many patients know yam is had fall blood sugar action, but the carbohydrate content that does not know it however is controlled in 25 % , some diabetics overfeeding, instead blood sugar is elevatory. Dish of some patient escape lotus, legume, because these food contain sugar,the quantity compares greenery vegetable tall. Actually, want dietary collocation to add up to manage, nutrition to absorb balance, limitation only adipose intake, the diabetic need not have too much contraindication. It is OK that chaffy dish emphasizes all sorts of union of element of meat or fish, vegetables rinse a few, do not want blind partiality for a particular kind of food.
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