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The party takes chaffy dish to not follow meaning collocation beverage
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A lot of people choose to eat chaffy dish to come when the party drive is cold, and love to building iced beverage to drink.

The expert says, be not every kinds of beverage to suit to be fed together with chaffy dish, and beverage of too much iced is drunk when having chaffy dish, ignore cold heat up intestines and stomach suddenly.

Reporter investigation: Deadbeat eats chaffy dish to love to take cold drink

The reporter investigated the luck to eat sth delicious to reside store of great fortune village, Dong Laishun randomly the chaffy dish inn such as old Mom of city of sweet center of inn of inn of Wang Fu well, 3 door of Ba Shangxuan fierce, drive, emperor, understanding arrives it is good that iced beverage sells particularly now, almost the guest of boiler of every desk ignition wants to drink.

The expert is analytic: Chaffy dish matchs cold drink to drink much injury stomach

Beijing hopes Beijing hospital digests medical chairman doctor Doctor Yang Guohua to say, when having chaffy dish, powerful flavour can affect taste to be caused even temporarily brief lose.

A few a few more drinkable icy beverage, can alleviate temporarily sweet the stimulation of hot chaffy dish food to the tongue, also can alleviate the blood-vessel of peptic is outspread. But the drinkable iced beverage when suiting to have chaffy dish again, also cannot drink more, the protection construction that allows surface of enteron mucous membrane easily otherwise is destroyed, appear thereby digestion disease, if intestines and stomach is unwell,wait, the most serious can bring about enteron to bleed.

Unfavorable and drinkable: The ice-cream after the meal is tired stomach bowel

Some chaffy dish inn are solicit a guest, dishful ice-cream is given after the meal. Just had the customer that gives a suit sweat, also hold out those who welcome this desert.

But Doctor Yang says, chaffy dish special grow be bored with, and ice-cream very sweet be bored with, such meetings make gastric bowel burden overweight, cause the disease such as acute gastroenteritis thereby.

Chaffy dish adds liquor pour oil on the fire

The reporter enquires to discover after inn of much home chaffy dish, still have many guests, give priority to with male guest especially, like an edge to drink liquor edge to have chaffy dish. Some chaffy dish inn still can give liquor freely.

Frugal of week of adviser of graduate student of Master of staff room of nutrition of university of medicine of Beijing traditional Chinese medical science expresses, chaffy dish compares heat originally, hot pot is hotter.
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