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Prostatitis of caution of firewater of corrupt chaffy dish has a relapse
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Arrive again spring carry returns countryside tide, the day freezes coldly, xue Yu flies violently not to block foreign worker worker however people Gui Jiazhi affection. To can reunite with family, they disregard journey fatigued to hurried back native place, spend the Spring Festival in all with family. Later continuously “ enters little imagine of …… of cate of boiler of filling ” , strike a light, beautiful wine, these incontinent food, can cause male prostatitis, or the prostatitis with be brought about good already has a relapse, the old people that contracts prostate hyperplasia disease can eat because of drinking even hot and occurrence prostate organizes strut, urethral and narrow, the platoon does not give make water, very painful.

Expert introduction, during the Spring Festival the male of a lot of places has eat a few “ the flesh of lukewarm filling ” kind, drink the habit of the arrack of on a few height; And return black prime of life of and other places of Sichuan, Hunan to eat chaffy dish of hemp hot bean curd, Sichuan, chili, excessive drinking to wait also not scarce. The expert discovers in male family outpatient service, the prostatitis patient of black prime of life, although the reason that its come on is more complex, but investigate its come on or recrudescent inducement is with like to eat excitant food to matter.

Expert citing says, some partial patients improved via cure, but after answering and other places of Hunan, Sichuan to visit one's family, because ate more chili or hemp together with family, friend,hot food had a relapse again. Last year second half of the year, the Japanese book that heteronomy works good in the flower prostatitis patient, because answered Japan to be fed more,a few seafood are mixed drank more wine, bring about an illness to break out again.

It is in the winter in emergency call, often see patient of a few the ageds is holding next bellyacke in the arms to be being helped up painstakingly by family will see a doctor, it is a platoon more do not give make water and requirement catheterization. These patients have prostate proliferation namely originally, because overmuch “ cordial took food in in the winter ” or drink much wine and bring about a platoon not to give make water. Accordingly, the man must have run his mouth, true “ has ability ” gives health.

The expert says, he offers a piece of advice in earnest come home foreign worker worker mixes the male that spend the New Year a few old people (the old people) that has prostate proliferation especially, do not eat excitant food, do not drink high wine or ” of “ excessive drinking, what just can ensure oneself so is healthy, the as cheerful as family spend joyfully Spring Festival with real talent.

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