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Winter eats chaffy dish to choose 6 course surely
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Opening remarks: Chaffy dish is the most welcome in wintry day together delicate, suggest everybody is in savour cate while, also cannot oversight healthy. This is not actually difficult, the menu collocation that wants you only adds up to manage ……Take a few kinds of course that chaffy dish must choose

  The first: A dish of yam should nod when having chaffy dish: We know the flesh kind food is acidity food, and yam is alkalescent food, both in entering a stomach OK soda acid is counteracted, make soda acid balance maintains inside our body as far as possible.

Small stick person: Suit the vegetable of tie-in hotpot

What collocation cool sex and Gan Ping sex want when eating hotpot is vegetable, can have the effect of cool and refreshing, alexipharmic, reduce internal heat.

Cool sex vegetable has heart of lotus root of stay of proceedings of wax gourd, towel gourd, cole, spinach, Chinese cabbage, acupuncture needle, dawdle, lotus, wild rice stem, bamboo shoot, dish to wait commonly; And the vegetable that yam, potato, Xianggu mushroom is Gan Ping sex.

   Eat chaffy dish to still must say order: The order of rinse chaffy dish has very much exquisite, smaller part cup is drunk first before had better eating fresh fruit juice, eat vegetable then, it is the flesh next. Such, ability is OK and reasonable use alimental nutrition, reduce gastric bowel burden, achieve the purpose …… of healthy diet

   Winter eats chaffy dish to choose 6 course surely

  The 2nd: Some of vegetable can put more in boiler: Vegetable contains a large number of vitamins and chlorophyll, its sex slants more cold cool, can eliminate not only fat, vitamin of compensatory winter human body is insufficient, still have the effect of fire of cool and refreshing, alexipharmic, 袪 , but vegetable is not long boil, will lose the effect of major nutrition value and clear fire otherwise

   Winter eats chaffy dish to choose 6 course surely

  The 3rd: Right amount put some of bean curd: Some bean curd contain gesso, put bean curd appropriately inside chaffy dish, can complement not only of a variety of microelement absorb, and still can develop gesso Qing Dynasty fire of hot have diarrhoea, except irritated, stop thirsty action.

Winter eats chaffy dish to choose 6 course surely

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