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Diabetic suffer from: Chaffy dish also wants " calculate " move eat
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Bottom of hot pot of more healthy hemp is too fat by clear soup boiler, by boiler of proposal instead clear soup. Ground of clear soup boiler is much boil with big bone or gallinaceous bone make, surplus of superstratum of the take out after refrigeration is fat, make soup bottom relaxed not fat. Also can boil boiling water with vegetable, be like kelp, Xianggu mushroom, tomato, can make soup bottom more delicious, not fat and taste is good. Still can become with clear water directly soup bottom, can reduce the intake of oil and salt so.

  Small make up Tips: By the soup that even if handles so, still suggest to incorporate the patient that has acid of high make water, gout or nephritic disease is not drinkable.

   Eat green vegetables to drink boiling water less more

Vegetable is best rinse boiler material, contain a lot ofin vegetable vitamin, mineral, little fiber of quantity of heat is much, small to blood sugar influence, have full abdomen feeling again, can increase moderately, will avoid the flesh with this kind or amylaceous kind alimental takes food too much. Demon taro is food of tall fiber of low quantity of heat, also be the good partner of chaffy dish, you might as well try!

Low fat flesh kind 229

Bolus of the various egg dumpling of rinse boiler, shrimp dumpling, fish, tribute bolus contain a large number of fat and starch; Club of piscine board, crab also is fast amylaceous food, answer to be fed less as far as possible. Proposal flesh kind choice with oiliness cutlet of less fish, shrimp, chicken or fresh thin pig sliced meat, thin flocks and herds is given priority to. Although the flesh kind classics quick-boil is very hot but less grease, reduce quantity of heat, but every eat still should be controlled making an appointment with 2 ~ 3 2.

  Staple food of coarse food grain should hold concurrently taste

Staple food with buckwheat, naked oats or corn face advisable, blood sugar of these a few kinds of food makes an index low, contain a lot ofprandial fiber, ameliorable dextrose is able to bear or endure quantity, reduce hematic fat. Staple food intake should with at ordinary times staple food ration is identical, if rinse eats taro, corn, potato,wait should reduce corresponding staple food to measure.

Abstain low oily salt to dip in the sesame paste with commonly used sauce, sesame oil very fat and quantity of heat is very high, the proposal is abstained with modulation of soy, vinegar, green, garlic dip in sauce, taste is euqally good, return what can reduce quantity of heat and salinity to absorb.

   Small make up Tips: When the patient edible chaffy dish of amalgamative hypertension, should notice salinity absorb.

  Calculate ” to wear according to “ of food quantity of heat eat

Bright Xianggu mushroom 100 grams 40 kilocalorie, acupuncture needle stay of proceedings 100 grams are 41 kilocalorie, big tomato 100 grams 25 kilocalorie, a variety of Chinese cabbage 100 grams are 13 kilocalorie, tall beautiful dish 23 kilocalorie of 100 grams, crowndaisy chrysanthemum flesh of 16 kilocalorie of 100 grams, tenderloin tenderloin of 65 kilocalorie of 38 grams, chicken 30 grams 31.
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